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What’s The Story of Jasmine Sandlas, The Punjabi Music Icon? | SheThePeople

Jasmine Sandlas
Jasmine Sandlas, a Punjabi artist, recently dropped her music album Mood Sarkar Da on her YouTube handle. She said, “coming back to Punjab after 2 years made me cry on the flight, I really missed Punjabi people “. She returned to India recently after years of her famous controversy at the stage of the 5X Festival Block Party in 2018 where she was criticised for smoking up on stage and another one where she was criticised for abusive language.

Who is Jasmine Sandlas?

Jasmine Kaur Sandals is an Indian-American artist who writes, sings and performs mainly Punjabi songs. Her music genres include Punjabi raps, Hindustani classical, pop and Punjabi Folk music.

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 On the work front : 

  • Sandlas’ first song Muskan from the album The Diamond  (2008) written by Lallu Gill was a worldwide hit.
  •  In 2012, she collaborated with rapper Bohemia and Soni Music Company for the album Gulabi and got a lot of recognition in the Punjabi Music Industry.
  • In 2015, her own single Punjab de Javak was released.
  • In 2016, Jasmine gave two back to back hit singles Ishq Da Sutta for One night stand and Raat Jashan Di for Zorawar.

Jasmine Sandlas commands a global audience and has fans around the world.

  •  Both of the songs became overnight popular and she became the talk of the town for her singing style and her singles.
  •  In 2020, she again recorded for the Bollywood movie Street Dancers 3D, Illegal weapon 2.0 and people liked it too.
  • Now she has her worldwide audience and from that day till now she has released several independent albums likes What’s in the name, Uth na khade, 36 mere vargiya, Thug life , Roi na ,Mago and her recent release is Mood Sarkar Da.

Big Headlines: 

  • Sandlas came into the limelight when she shared her feelings on social media about her songs, her love for Punjab and Punjabi language. She has gone on record to say though that she regrets “that songs that made it ‘big’ have been all about vanity.”
  • Sandlas is popular for her push towards other artists and new genres. She urged other artists to try out new music by taking risks to help the industry survive in the long run .
  • During her performance of hit song Badal in 2018 at 5X Festival Block Party, Sandlas with Intense, she passed a joint to him on stage, and he rapidly took a drag. Intense is one of the world’s top Punjabi producers. The incident ended up creating controversy for Sandlas and after the festival she got massive hate for her actions. Later people questioned why Sandlas alone had to pay the price for this incident. Some even said that for many years male artists have been making songs on sin products, why artists like them or Intense who was with her on the stage didn’t get such hatred . Does this show double standard of society towards male and female artists?

In 2020, the third album What’s In A Name was launched on Jasmine Sandlas own Youtube Channel. The album “What’s In A Name” contains 8 songs. The music is produced by Intense and Hark.

  • Sandlas – in the Punjabi music scene- has been inspiration for all aspiring musicians, especially women who fear to try new music. Only big challenge has been the kind of controversies she has been part of. [Picture credit: BBC]