Top Albums By Woman Artists In 2021 : International Tracks That Shook Music Industry

Top Albums By Woman Artists In 2021
The year 2021 saw women artists ruling the world. The woman artists around the world delivered catchy songs that instantly got stuck in our heads and we cannot help adding them up in our personal playlist. They set benchmarks, broke stereotypes, smashed records all by the power of music.

From TikTok to Instagram, every social media app was fueled by the music from these talented artists. They expressed bravely and stood unmoved, and they got everyone dancing to her beats.

Top Albums By Woman Artists In 2021:

Sour-Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo came and literally smashed records with her debut album. With hits like Deja Vu, Driver’s License and Good 4 U, people around the world grooved on the beats of the 18 year old. The songs of the album topped charts like Billboard and Spotify, received nominations in Grammy and helped Olivia make a bombastic entry in the industry.

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Adele not just broke records but broke hearts with her album 30. The album was full of painful tracks about her divorce, fame, motherhood with hope, acceptance, in other words, her life journey where she bravely expresses the devastating phases of her life and how fought them. The album accomplished many milestones including number 1 in Billboard 200 and highest selling album of 2021 in US.

Planet Her-Doja Cat

What else do you expect from Doja Cat except true entertainment. With each new album, Doja Cat shows us how to rule the hearts of the public. The album and its tracks grabbed 5 nominations in 64th Annual Grammy Awards, top 15 in Billboard Top 100 and a topped charts in various countries. It had marvelous tracks like Woman, Need To Know, Kiss Me More ruled the social media trends.

If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power-Halsey

Halsey is an inspiration to all people out there, she expresses herself bravely and is never afraid to experiment. This album is an example of the power she holds when it comes to being herself. The album broke records making Halsey one of the Top Woman Artists of 2021 but it also broke stereotypes. Playing the pregnant Queen Lila who gave birth to the heir after the King’s death, Halsey portrayed child birth and exposed breasts as a showcase of the power women hold.

Happier Than Ever- Billie Eilish

Sporting a blonde look, the 19-year-old singer came back to hook us on her lyrics of heartbreak but this time with a brighter theme. She deals with heartbreaks taking the high road and growing as a person, realising that being happy might be difficult but it is important.

Heaux Tales- Jazmine Sullivan

Topping the charts and displaying strong message about the stereotypes that women face and their desires, Heaux(read as hoe) Tales has themes of anger, shame, sex and loneliness. It depicts the patriarchal society and how it diminishes the powers of a woman.

Red(Taylor’s Version)- Taylor Swift

Now, what possibly is there to say about this legend. She re-recorded the tracks of her 2012 album Red and released them and topped the charts once again. All the 20 tracks reminded us of the influence and talent of the singer and how she sing the same thing differently and rule the hearts and charts again.

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Future Nostalgia- Dua Lipa

Another great piece from Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgia included highly celebrated tracks like Levitating, Hallucinate, Break My Heart and Don’t Start Now. The songs topped the charts in various countries and became hugely popular on social media.

Jubliee- Japanese Breakfast

The third album by Japanese Breakfast, Jubliee featured in the Top 50 Albums Of 2021 on Billboard. There are disco friendly tracks as well as tracks that show artistic maturity. It has themes of longing, desires, lust and commitment.

Still Over It- Summer Walker

Summer Walker bravely tells the world about her story, her anguish, betrayals and loneliness when she was pregnant. The album featured in top number on music charts. The album shows how she empowers as a mother, a woman and a singer.

KGO516- Karol G

The Latin hit maker Karol G again hit us hard with her catchy beats and addictive tracks like Tusa, Bichota and Location. The album was on the charts and warmly accepted by critics and audiences.