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5 Feminist Podcasts You Should Tune Into Right Now!

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Getting hooked onto feminist podcasts is among the easiest ways today to convert to feminism – as we all should. How better for women to acknowledge the misogyny the world is steeped in than by having other women whispering tidbits of feminist awakening into their ears while they go about their lives?

Think of it as a daily practice that gradually assimilates empowerment into your schedule, clocking it into your consciousness in the most natural way. Doing the dishes? Also simultaneously listen in on the nuances of how household chores straddle domestic skill and sexist duty. It’s a perfect blend of theory and practice.

For the manner of their convenience and adaptability, podcasts have taken shape as the true new media communication that delivers ideas human-to-human with minimal distraction. Even heavier concepts like that of feminism are being conversed over in candid, informal, decipherable conversation on audio, flowing with such ease that it will take no time for you to be absolute best friends with the women inside your headphones.

(What’s more, these podcasts are all available for free on Spotify.)

These Feminist Podcasts Will Bring Fresh Perspective To Your Life:

1. The Receipts Podcast

Three girls talking infinitely about everything under the sun? It’s a party and the whole world is invited! Since starting out in 2016, Tolani Shoneye, Audrey Indome and Milena Sanchez have fast climbed the charts to become a trio of the most dependable, fun, advice-dishing names navigating everything from relationships to “situationships.”

Candour is non-negotiable at their table. These women turn agony aunts, big sisters, drinking game buddies, sex talk soundboards. Take your pick.

2. The Guilty Feminist

Hosted by Deborah Frances-White, comedy and witticism expert, The Guilty Feminist is all things, well… feminism. Or at least, as it describes itself, comprises a range of issues “all 21st century feminists agree on.” There are dazzling lineups of accomplished, interesting feminist icons talking frankly about what pushes them on their ideologies and the undercurrent of doubt and insecurity that flows under.

“I’m a feminist but…” is the general tone. How relatable is that?

3. Bad Feminist Film Club

Discussing cinema is one thing. Discussing cinema with a feminist lens is a whole other (important) ballgame. This movie club goes the stretch of diving into each genre – action, comedy, thriller, drama to romance – to scrutinise tropes, fashion, representation, method and how feminism fits into the web. Sarah Barson and Kelly Kauffman host.

This one is unmissable for the film buffs. But there’s something here for everyone looking to expand and better their watchlist.

4. 2 Queens In A Pod

Look no further than 2 Queens In A Pod if you are out seeking unbridled fun, endless laughs, peppy chats and an up-close look at millennial lives. Sit around with Leah Mai and Iman Leila for some tea-spilling about the latest reality television episode you watched or pop culture that’s trending hot or fashion trends gone awry.

This podcast is so easygoing and chummy, you might catch yourself talking to your headphones.

5. She’s All Fat

She’s All Fat isn’t just a platform for body positivity, but “chill vibes” too. Host Sophie Carter-Kahn takes her listeners on their journey towards thorough self-love, chatting intersectional feminism, queer identity, race and equality, health and more. Centred around what it calls the Fatosphere, the podcast delves into subjects surrounding mainstream arts and culture, and the relationship the plus-size body shares with that macrocosm.

In the words of the podcast, “Get in fatties.”

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