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Who Knew Intense Scene From ‘Dhadkan’ Can Sound So Hilarious?

Dhadkan dubbed in english
The drama ofΒ  Bollywood movies from the 90s can sound really basic in English. However, the trending dubbed clip from Dhadkan has caught desi twitter’s attention as it is being called far from basic.

A 52 seconds short video is making its rounds on the internet after a user uploaded it on July 13. The clip shows a scene from the Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty starrer movie where Kumar’s step-sister welcomes the new bride Anjali (Shilpa Shetty). While Dev is shown to be a naive character, abiding by his mother’s orders without understanding her intent, Anjali senses it promptly.

Although the SaasBahu conflict is quite common in Indian movies, never did it became this viral. Here is why.

Why Is Dhadkan Dubbed In English Going Viral?

Unexpectedly, the English dubbed version of the movie is a lot bizarre than one might have expected. Used to hearing these manipulative tones in Hindi, when the dialogue was heard in the English language, it made an awkward impression on social media users.

While many claimed that the way of replacing bhaiya with brother and bhabhi with a sister-in-law is what makes the video funny, the fact that Indians are not used to this combination of typical Indian background music with formal English dialogues cant be overlooked.

Initially shared by a user who goes by the username @RichAhhhhhhhhhh, the video garnered over 75,000 views within two days.

Captioned as “So apparently there is an English dubbed version of Dhadkan and I am deceased,” watch the video here:

Twitter reacts to Dhadkan Dubbed In English:

A user replied to the viral video with another dubbed scene from the movie and captioned it, “Ufffff. This is pure gold.”

“I haven’t watched this movie, but now I have a reason to..”, wrote another.


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