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Here’s How Digital Helped Suguna Realise Her Entrepreneurial Dream

Digital enabled Suguna to realise her dream of carving an identity for herself. She is now an entrepreneur who resells clothes from her Puducherry home online and makes a decent living. Here’s her story. 

Suguna has always been a very home-bodied person. Though she wanted to become financially independent, her health issues prevented her from stepping out for work. Her husband and son are working professionals while her daughter is still a student. Despite everyone’s busy schedules, the close-knit family looks forward to spending time together unfailingly at dinner. That’s when they share their day’s learnings, which makes Suguna proud as a homemaker. 

The inability to step out for work meant all her time went to tending to her family, but she has zero regrets about that. She believes all her efforts are paying off as her kids are settled, and her husband is busy building their dream house.

Suguna’s family wanted her to build an identity for herself. Hence they suggested Suguna start something of her own. The idea of having her work looked promising because she had a lot of time on hand. This also meant that she could become financially independent

I am growing each day after undertaking the course, and I am so happy – Sagun

She was scrolling through Facebook one day when she came across the WomenWill course by Google. It piqued her interest, and she started watching online videos and taking notes of everything she learnt. 

“The byte-sized videos were very informative and made me digitally smart. I learned how to start an online business. Since such businesses would involve online transactions, it was also important to be safe. The course helped me learn how to make my online passwords and transactions secure,” shares Suguna. Through the help of the videos, she also understood how her business could make profits through effective online marketing.

Reselling clothes seemed like a viable business option for Suguna. She immediately put her thought into action and started to buy clothes from Salem, Tamil Nadu, to resell from her Pondicherry house. Two months into this business, Suguna witnessed a positive response. Most of her customers came from her Facebook page. She applied all her learnings from the WomenWill course to her business. Her sales increased each day through effective digital marketing techniques that she learned from the program.

She also took a loan to buy more stock to expand her business. After buying more stocks, her earnings significantly increased, especially during the festive season. “I am growing each day after undertaking the course, and I am so happy,” shares Suguna, adding that she has a lot to add to the family discussion at dinner. 

Suguna’s new-found purpose of running her business keeps her going with the same renewed enthusiasm every day.

With thanks to Google for permission to publish this series of stories about women entrepreneurs who have benefited from the WomenWill platform