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Time-Management Is Key To Entrepreneurship, Says Entrepreneur Soumyaa Rajesh Karia

Soumyaa Rajesh Karia
Soumyaa Rajesh Karia started her venture Dessertelier in June 2021 to fulfil her dual passion of running her own business and baking. The Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur sells eggless cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

“Our USP is the degree of personalisation we incorporate into our Desserts, leading to us specialising in customised, event-based cakes”, she shares proudly.

Her journey as an entrepreneur is rewarding because she is a full-time college student but juggles her studies and business with the utmost panache. She says time management and multi-tasking are the key to successful entrepreneurship. She also credits her family for helping her with setting up as well as operations of Desserteliers.

“I schedule my orders either in the morning or evening. In the afternoon, I am busy attending my lectures”, she elaborates.

There have been some milestones that reaffirmed her faith in what she was doing. She got a chance to participate in a fundraiser for an Ahmedabad-based charity that works to preserve the environment. All the proceeds she got from selling her products went to charity. “The feeling of being part of something bigger than mere self-interest was elating”, she said.

Many issues will ensue after starting a business, for which it is important to think innovatively when devising solutions. – Soumyaa

She has also enrolled in a Baking Course to further her skills and gain international certification from City & Guilds in the United Kingdom. “The course was entirely self-funded, and I used the money I made from the profits I earned from Dessertelier”, she said.

Talking about her baking process, she says that she has a team of four members with varying skill sets and expertise, according to which the delegation of work takes place. The production process of each dessert is also broken down into stages to allow greater ease in the distribution of tasks.

She also highlighted how she enjoys innovation as an entrepreneur. “Many issues will ensue after starting a business, for which it is important to think innovatively when devising solutions”, she said, adding that the digital era has facilitated this growing wave of entrepreneurship among young women. “Collecting payments has never been so easy, and I use Google Pay for that, and it is so convenient”, she explains.

Talking about her future plans with Dessertelier, she says that increasing the scale of production is a priority for her. In the coming years, she wants to expand into Dessertelier outlets in the long term.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus more on implementation and execution rather than solely on ideation. The outcome matters more than the plan.

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