Realizing her gusto and transforming it into her career made Sonam a wedding designer

Sonam Sule Kulkarni creates, inspires, styles, revamps and curates wedding and other event decors. She says this is her Ikigai.

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Sonam Sule Kulkarni

Wanting to explore life beyond some boring and mundane work-desk job, Sonam Sule Kulkarni took the plunge and converted her passion and love for weddings to her profession and hence, becoming the Co-Founder of Mint and Mogra. She teaches us how taking no chances means wasting your dreams.


She creates, inspires, styles, revamps and curates wedding and other event decors. She believes that wedding decor ideation is her "Ikigai"

She talks about her career and journey, here:


My immediate goal is to become the "Number-one" go-to wedding decor consultant and company. I intend to involve expansion, innovation and aspiration in all my prospective as well as ongoing projects.

Biggest challenge:

My biggest hurdle is to make people comprehend that design or concept cost is also a legit cost and going to a wedding design consultant will upgrade and renovate the entire appearance and look of your wedding.


Advantage of starting small

I could explore every possible venture and opportunity, take up smaller projects and build lasting impressions. Our company is known for a certain aesthetic. In our field, small means bespoke, which implies luxury.

Dealing with the pandemic:

While Covid has hit everyone hard, we try to keep in touch with the people who work with us. Keeping the team motivated and connected comprises the utmost significance. I am trying to encourage clients to perform, finalize and work on things, way in advance. I back up the backups' backup and thus, am always prepared.

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Have patience, you will not make it to the Forbes list in a day!
  2. Consistency is as important as impulsive enthusiasm. What you in that outburst should not be momentarily limited or redundant.
  3. Do not bother stalking your competitors on social media. Choose your own road, traverse your own path and live every moment of YOUR own journey!

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