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How This Techie-Turned-Art Entrepreneur Married Her Passion and Profession

Narayanee Sai
Narayanee Sai’s story of turning her passion into a profitable business using the power of digital reiterates the fact that the internet is a goldmine of opportunities for those who are determined to succeed.

Narayanee Sai had been an art enthusiast since childhood. Raised by a mother with an artistic bent of mind, she spent most of her childhood working on her art creations: hand-painted saris and pots, quilling artifacts, handmade gratitude journals and mandala art pieces. Her priorities changed as adulthood approached, and she put art on the back burner to pursue a career in tech.

She couldn’t, however, stay away from her passion for a very long time. After working in the tech industry for a few years, she yearned to return to art. Moving from her tech profession to pursue her “hobby” as a career was a risk Narayanee was willing to take. After toying with the idea for some time, she decided to take the leap of faith. 

While Narayanee was confident in her art, she wasn’t sure of her business skills. “I wasn’t sure of the correct way to market my products or even build a customer-seller relationship.”

Very few people get a chance to turn their hobbies into their careers, and I am blessed to be one of them – Narayanee Sai

She came across a free business training program WomenWill by Google, and bagged the opportunity to hone her business skills. She learnt from the entrepreneurship training that the course provided through short, simple, vernacular videos. Specifically, she learnt how to promote her products better online, reach out to new customers, get more sales and leverage social media for business promotion. 

Since the day she started implementing these strategies, Narayanee’s online shop has seen a gradual increase in customers and sales. She is astonished at how a single idea can be successfully molded into a business through the right mentorship and digital tools.

From being apprehensive of her business idea to running her online business with great determination, confidence and zeal, Narayanee has come a long way. The techie-turned-artist now wants to take her art worldwide. “Very few people get a chance to turn their hobbies into their careers, and I am blessed to be one of them”, she signs off.

“With thanks to Google for permission to publish this series of stories about women entrepreneurs who have benefited from the WomenWill platform”