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Work hard And Let Your Success Make All The Noise, Says Entrepreneur Rakshita Mehta

Rakshita Mehta
Rakshita Mehta is the founder of an eggless baking academy named Cooks and Craft. She started her entrepreneurship journey while still attending college. Her academy in Indore is not only about baking cakes, pies or even cookies; it is also a medium to empower women who never had opportunities to skill themselves financially. She is passionate about creating women entrepreneurs from small towns. 

“Parents from small towns like Indore do not usually send their daughters away to big cities for higher education, and they fear for their security. Therefore, if young girls who have recently passed their schools have the option to upskill themselves in their hometowns, they can be empowered without having to fight for it against society. Her academy also provides safe hostel accommodation to the students”, she shared with SheThePeople.TV.

Her academy also attracts women who take up baking as a hobby. Rakshita not only teaches baking nitty-gritty to her students but also inspires them to grow into businesspeople.

Business Tips

The quality of leadership is pivotal to any entrepreneurship journey, says Rakshita. “As a baker, who is also a teacher, I have to deliver in a way that my students look up to you positively.” 

Ever since she founded her academy, her priorities have changed with regard to her business. As a college student who was also the founder, she had to study and score good marks, and the business was a side hustle.

Working for your passion every day brings creativity and innovation. It gives you a purpose to look forward to waking up every morning – Rakshita 

“However, now my business is not just mine. When I teach my students, I forget about other things happening in my life. My priority is to make students take away something from the class who have invested their money and time into my course.”, she asserts. 

Role of Digital

Digital has been pivotal to her business growth. She explained how she used to rely heavily on YouTube to know the latest trends in her industry and get ideas about the same.

Do not fear societal standards

As a woman, people expect you to get married irrespective of whether you excel in your professional life. To women facing the same dilemma, Rakshita says, “Your work is something that completes you in a way that no man or marriage can ever do. When a woman is trying to grow, her choices are limited, not by strangers but by her family. You are not given the freedom to choose your career or your relationships or choose to get married or not at all. Once you become successful, people who were earlier questioning your choices would start supporting you”, she explains.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Recalling the initial days of her journey, she was doubtful if her parents and society would support her decision to be a baker. As an engineering student who later chose to become a baker, her career choices were judged and her decisions were not supported. “Why do you want to be a chef ?” was the question she often faced. Today, when her family sees her hard work getting rewarded, in terms of awards and coverage in the media, all her decisions are proud of. A confident Rakshita says, “I always had this attitude of not giving up till I achieve my goals. No matter what the circumstances are, rise and achieve. Give 100% to your work, excel in your field and make noise with your success.” 

Rakshita Mehta

Rakshita Mehta is the founder of Cooks and Craft

Giving back to the society

To grow as an owner, you have to make others grow, says Rakshita. “You have to stay humble, greet your competitors first and appreciate them. She advises that if you are loyal to your work, your work will be loyal to you”. 

In the future, she is looking forward to growing her business in Bhopal as the second venture. 

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