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How Drishti Brahmania is creating Healthy Products for Pets with Happy Puppy Organics

drishti brahmania, happy puppy organics

The ability to create has always called out to me. When I saw that the natural products I created for pets, were actually helping them heal, I knew I was contributing to something bigger than myself. I could own my own destiny, do what I love, create products and help pets live healthier lives all at once – something I couldn’t do unless I worked for myself. That’s why I turned an entrepreneur.

This is what I do:

I formulate and create products for pets, using all natural ingredients and extracts. Each product is made using ingredients that have their own properties with one end goal – to heal or solve a problem. Thus a shampoo is not just a shampoo, but one that will also heal itchy skin. Or a balm doesn’t just moisturise, but also works on skin problems. My immediate goals with my business is to create a platform for pet parents to reach out to in order to help their pets live holistically happier and healthier lives. Pet parents can now not just buy our products, but can also avail consultations of pet holistic health experts like nutritionists, behaviourists, reiki specialists etc.

These were my big challenges:

Making pet parents understand that handmade and natural is safer and better than commercial mass produced chemical laden products. Gaining their trust was an uphill battle, but one that was truly fruitful.

Growing a small business because:

There is direct access to consumer insight as I personally consult pet parents regarding their pets health and skin issues. We also had the chance to modify and perfect our products based on their feedback. It gave us time to grow and gain a loyal customer base.

Here’s how I am coping with the environment during COVID:

By constantly adapting to the changes, we are building local relationships to source our ingredients, ensuring the quality remains topnotch. We have also had the chance to look at better ways of selling online through digital avenues.

Three lessons I would like to share with an aspiring entrepreneur:

  1. Nothing happens overnight – I would find myself comparing my work to the success of other businesses in the industry that were there before me. It would bring doubts and questions about what am I doing wrong? I learnt in the long run that it’s better to put your energy in your work and do your best, over sitting and worrying yourself.
  2. Trust your gut: There’s no one that knows you like you do. So if you feel strongly about something, do it with all you’ve got don’t doubt yourself.
  3. Take care of yourself – It’s easy to forget to breath and immerse yourself in work when you do what you love. But for your own sake take a break, a burnout helps no one.