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Here’s How Digital Enabled Anam Parveen To Realise Her Entrepreneurial Dream

Anam Parveen
Delhi-based Anam Parveen is a chocolatier selling handcrafted customised chocolates. However, when her business started stagnating, she looked online for solutions and found new ways of expanding her clientele. Here’s her story.

Anam had been a go-getter since childhood. Eying the dream of working in a multinational company, she pursued her BBA, but destiny had other plans. Her mother’s sudden illness meant she could not work outside her hometown. “There was no one to take care of her, and I started exploring work-from-home options,” Anam shares.

It struck her that she could start a chocolate business during this time. She realised that there was a massive gap between regular chocolate bars and international chocolate brands, which gave her the idea to plunge into fancy chocolate-making. The chocolate lover explored this business avenue in detail, gathered all the knowledge, and started her “Brown Bell” bakery shop. The longer-shelf life of chocolates was another factor that propelled her to create unique and personalised gifts without worrying about selling them in a time-bound manner.

Her business thrived for the first few months. Anam’s chocolate boxes sold like hotcakes. After a few months, however, her business started stagnating, and her sales dropped. Pricing the products became another challenge for her, and she needed to set the price of the boxes with a profit margin in mind. She needed help to reach out to more people and expand her clientele. 

If you have an idea, believe in it. Remember, no guts, no glory – Anam Parveen

During this time, she came across the WomenWill program and enrolled in it. She learnt from the entrepreneurship training that the course provided through short, simple, vernacular videos. Specifically, she learnt how to promote her products better online, reach out to new customers, get more sales and leverage social media for business promotion.

After completing the course, Anam started her social media page. She used all her learnings from the WomenWill program, updated her business page, and surprisingly started getting more orders. 

She now feels more confident as an entrepreneur. With a steady income, and her business running smoothly, Anam is now even more excited and ready to work harder. Her advice to all budding entrepreneurs is to start small but never compromise on product quality. “If you have an idea, believe in it. Remember, no guts, no glory,” she signs off.

“With thanks to Google for permission to publish this series of stories about women entrepreneurs who have benefited from the WomenWill platform”