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Woman In Saree Does Squats With 33kg Gas Cylinder : Netizens Call Her Lady Bahubali

Red saree viral woman
Squats with Gas Cylinder: Shaili Chikara is a fitness expert. In latest, she is taking the internet by storm as in one of her Instagram videos, she is seen using a regular LPG cylinder as weight and performing squats flawlessly while sporting a red saree.

A certified fitness consultant from Dehradun, Chikara frequently shares her workout videos on Instagram and a recent video of her lifting a 33kg gas cylinder has gone viral on the internet. She also pulls off perfect squats, all in a full desi look. “Meri Video Kaha Kaha pahunchi,” she captioned the video.

“Lady Bahubali, I am really overwhelmed with this response,” said Chikara, who has shown us how to add household items to your daily ‘Workout-From-Home’ routine. Emphasising on health and fitness in this lockdown, Chikara even does weightlifting with her family members at home. She has shown us that one doesn’t need to hit the gym to stay fit and in shape. Remarkably, her impressive workout regime has gifted her some social media fans. In one of the videos, she is seen lifting weights and exercising with children. “Name the Exercise,” she asks in the caption.

Chikara also has her own YouTube channel. With 138K subscribers, she asserted that everyone can and should train according to the needs and capacity of their body.

Apart from the gas cylinder, her other clip, in particular, has grabbed the attention of many people in which she is seen doing a “jugaad workout” at home with a kid. Coming back to the saree video, netizens have started praising her for embracing the concept of ​workout from home. While one commented “Powerful girl” in one of her videos, another called her “Lady version of Baahubali”. On Instagram, she mentioned “rocking an IT Job” while working out indoors and advised to exercise and stay fit as well. She has 294k followers on the social media platform.

She has indeed set the ultimate fitness goals for everyone stuck at home during the pandemic.

Feature Image Credit: Shaili Chikara/Instagram