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Viral Video: Woman Caught Her Spouse While Shopping With Girlfriend On Karwa Chauth, Beats Him Up

wife beat husband on karva chauth
A video went viral on the eve of Karwa Chauth, in which a woman was beating her spouse in the middle of a busy Ghaziabad market. The woman caught her spouse red-handed while shopping with his girlfriend for Karwa Chauth. It seems like a movie scene straight out of Bollywood. 

The video which went viral on social media shows the woman, along with her few friends, grabbing her spouse by the collar and beating him up. The man’s girlfriend came to his rescue but she was thrashed too.

The bystander watched the entire episode. The incident took place outside a shop, the shopkeeper was seen shouting at the group and chanting- ‘baahar, baahar’, asking them to take the matter outside the shop.

Wife beat husband on karva chauth, Files Complain

The woman has now filed a complaint against her spouse. Police are investigating the matter. According to a report, the woman was residing at her maternal house after a fight with her spouse. As it was Karwa Chauth, a woman who happen to come with her mother for the shopping at the same market, and that is when she spotted her husband with another woman. The entire drama took place. 

Karwa Chauth is an Indian festival, prominently celebrated in northern and western parts of the country. It is an utmost important day for married women. On this day women fast and pray for the long life of their partners. The full Moon has a very interesting role to play on this day. It is usually celebrated on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha or a dark fortnight in the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. 

If a woman catches her spouse in infidelity on such a day, it is disheartening because on one hand she was fasting for his long life and on other hand beating him for his affair. 

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