Watermelon Pizza Enrages Netizens: Why Do Bizarre Food Trends Upset Us So Much?

A video of a man making and eating a watermelon pizza grabbed the attention of netizens and resulted in enraged and disgusted social media users.

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Cooking is an art, and art often comes with experimentation and trying new ingredients. As the age-old debate over whether or not pineapples belong on pizza, a new pizza featuring watermelon as a base and topping has disgusted and disappointed pizza lovers on social media. Almost instantly, people took to social media to tear apart the user and the watermelon pizza. Since there are constantly new bizarre food trends, why do they spark such anger and resentment each time? Haven’t users accepted that bizarre food trends will continue to exist and that nobody is forced to try them?

A video of a man making and eating a watermelon pizza grabbed the attention of netizens and resulted in enraging and disgusting social media users. In the video, a slice of watermelon is grilled on a pan and used as a pizza base. Instead of using a sauce made from tomato, he used barbeque sauce as it “works better” than tomato.

He added cheese and pepperoni to the watermelon base and grilled the watermelon pizza slice again. What seemed to be ham as a topping turned out to be watermelon as well. After adding clove and brushing the watermelon with barbeque sauce, he roasted it and added it as a topping for the watermelon pizza.

Almost instantly, netizens took to social media and expressed their displeasure. One user referred to the debate over pineapple and commented, “And people have a problem with pineapple on pizza”. A top comment read, “Use me as a dislike button” and received more than 32,000 likes within the day. With more than 6 million views, a majority of the 8,000 comments under the post expressed their belief that watermelon pizza is an “abomination”.

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Why Do Bizarre Food Trends Enrage Netizens?

From creating makeshift dislike buttons to blatantly describing the act of making watermelon pizza as “nasty foolishness”, people made it clear that they were upset by the watermelon pizza. The watermelon pizza is far from the first bizarre food trend to break the internet, but the response seems to be along the same lines each time.

While each new food invention is wildly different, the responses are always along the same lines. From Maggi made using mango juice and chopped-up mango bits to sandwiches consisting of ice cream, cheese, and jam, people have responded negatively.

While these foods may be bizarre, what’s even more bizarre is how people are quickly enraged by such food items. Each time a new food item goes viral for being bizarre, people flock to social media to make their displeasure apparent.

When it comes to food, people will continue to experiment and mix unlikely ingredients together to create new dishes. Maybe these dishes are created due to boredom and unusual cravings or maybe food joints create these wild combinations to stand out from the crowd.

No matter the reasoning behind the unusual food, people often take to social media with their creations to draw attention to it, positive or negative. The strong reactions often propel the creation and its creator into internet fame, no matter how short-lived.

So why are people getting so upset with these food items? After all, nobody is being forced into trying them. They can simply be marked down in the “will never try” column in a person’s mind. Instead, each and every unusually food choice is debated endlessly for no rhyme or reason.

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