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Viral Video: Grand Fireworks, Crackers Dubbed “Dream Entry” Of Every Bride. But Is It?

Bridal Wedding Entry

Throats have run dry and brains have gone dysfunctional deciding what the perfect bridal wedding entry looks like. Gone are the days when an Indian bride would coyly enter and, with eyes strictly concentrated on her hands nervously resting on her lap, sit small beside her almost-husband at the mandap. 

No, with the extravagance that is mainstream today, many Indian brides dream bold dreams of nothing short of a queen-size fest. And while that is, in a way, empowering in terms of enjoying your own D-day as an equal with your partner, without false pressures of lihaaj, does it have any tangible end goal?

A video doing rounds on the internet has grabbed eyeballs for the obscenely lavish display of fireworks and crackers and confetti used in celebration to welcome newlyweds. The account posting the video wrote alongside, “dream entry of every girl.” But is it really? Does every woman choosing to walk the marriage road visualise such dramatic episodes?

And beyond the singular point of enjoyment (and perhaps also the subsequent social media photo vomit) do such details matter in the future run of equal partnership?

See the video below: 

Can The Perfect Bridal Wedding Entry Guarantee A Happily Ever After?

There are several other, and might I add more convenient, low-cost wedding options available to couples today – court marriages, a simple getaway affair, small backyard parties, a ceremony at places of worship. Does it mean couples choosing these, over a big fat traditional wedding, somehow value each other less? Or that a bride not being welcomed with enough fuss isn’t bride enough? Shouldn’t wedding ceremonies be more than the token validation of internet likes? 

Social media reacted strongly, and humorously, to the viral video. 

“Entry into what……. WWE arena?” one user asked. “Watch me get my husband and in laws booked for air pollution,” wrote another. “Lol. How about the girls who hate this dhoom dharrakka? Wedding MUST be small, decent and simple,” one user remarked.

Another user pointed out the futility of such “Believe me it’s not EVERY GIRLS DREAM. I’ll better spend that money on a vacation rather than burning my money for some stupid fireworks.”

“Hate to be THAT downer, but this show sha doesn’t guarantee good treatment of the girl,” another comment read. And as much as a “downer” as it may be, it mirrors truth rather vividly. Will this one-day, supposedly “dreamy,” affair ensure a happily ever after? Can it promise a complete, balanced life of ?

Two people taking silent, secret, oral vows of equal companionship privately is far better than a million dollar-worth week of elaborate, photographable spectacles. When there’s mutual respect and love, every celebration is priceless.

Views expressed are the author’s own.