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Marriage Or Contract? This Couple Agreed To Have Absurd Conditions In Their Marriage

Viral bride and groom
Online attention has been drawn to a few Indian couples who defied expectations and stereotypes during their wedding. A contract containing a list of dos and don’ts was signed at one such wedding by Shanti and Mintu from Assam.

The bride, wearing a red lehenga, signs the contract in the video posted by Wedlock Photography Assam on their Instagram account, and the groom follows suit. They appear content as they sign the large piece of paper with the contract printed on it. 

Viral Bride And Groom Contract

The bride “must and should wear saree every day,” according to the contract, and late-night celebrations are only permitted with the spouse. There was no mention of who would prepare meals on the other days of the week, only that “Sunday morning breakfast tum banogay” was on the list. Another suggestion was to “always say yes to Ghar ka khana.” 

The “nuptial contract” amazed some people, but it irritated others. One person posted, “Bhai, It’s a contract, not a marriage. it is shown as a Sherwani.” One more person wrote, “Conditions are perfect. But wearing a saree every day is just too much.” “So unfortunate that there is still so much disparity in India,” a third user remarked.

Aside from consuming just one pizza each month, the contract also required daily exercise, shopping every 15 days, and taking decent photos at all parties. We wonder if it is a wedding or simply a contract. 

Recently, a groom touched his bride’s feet after they exchanged vows. In June of this year, social media users shared wedding videos. 

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A lot of people are slowly but surely shattering preconceptions and adding new customs to the established ones. Like one groom, Arnav Roy, who, after they had exchanged vows, caressed his bride’s feet. Over 7 million people have viewed the wedding video that was recently uploaded on Instagram. 

Feature image credit: The Indian Express. 

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