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UP Police Use Bulldozer To Help A Woman Enter In-Law’s House After She’s Thrown Out

UP Police Bulldozer Help Woman
The Uttar Pradesh police used bulldozers to help a woman who was allegedly thrown out by her in-laws over dowry. The incident took place in the Bijnor district after the Allahabad High Court ordered the police to help the woman get back into the house.

Bystanders took videos of the incident and the visuals showed the police informing the husband and his family about the court order.  The police warned the family that not complying with the order could lead to action.

An officer was heard saying on the loudspeaker, “We request you amma, please open the door. This is the high court’s order.”

UP Police Bulldozer Help Woman Enter In-Law’s House

The police were helping the woman, Nutan Malik get back into her in-law’s house. The Superintendent of Police (City), Bjinor, Pravin Ranjan Singh said the police were able to help Malik. Singh said that the police restored to use of force with a bulldozer because the family did not agree to let Malik into the house.

The police tried to convince the family for nearly two hours before they brought in the bulldozer and warned them that they would break the gate. Then, Malik’s in-laws allowed her to enter the home.

Malik’s father said that she and her husband Robin Singh got married in 2017 and her husband’s family harassed her. He added that they demanded 5 lakh rupees and a Bolero car. After Malik couldn’t fulfil their demands, her in-laws would abuse and harass her. In 2018, Malik filed a case and her husband was sent to jail, after which her in-laws threw her out of the house.

After Malik was thrown out of the house, she began staying with her parents in 2019. Malik’s father went to the Supreme Court and the police were directed to protect her and ensure she could go back to her in-laws’ house.

After the police were unable to convince the family to take the woman back several times, the police took a bulldozer and threatened to break the gate. After this, the woman was allowed to enter the house.

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