Viral Video Of Toilet Cleaning Hack Spark Controversy, Know Why?

The viral video of the toilet cleaning hack sparked a major controversy with most social media users rebuking the hack.

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Toilet Cleaning Hack Video Controversy
A video of two women washing their toilet seat in their dishwasher has not only gone viral. Janelle Flom and Kate Heintzelman from Minnesota posted their unconventional toilet-scrubbing approach on social media platforms that has sparked controversy across social media platforms.

The viral video captioned it as “cleaning hack” triggered a major controversy with most social media users rebuking the hack. The video has been viewed 4.4 million times on Instagram alone.

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The video shows the woman washing their toilet seat alongside the plates, where one woman is seen removing the seat from her toilet and taking it out of the bathroom. The bowls and dinnerware are in the dishwasher too, as shown in the video, when the woman is putting the seat in.

The video received hundreds of thousands of responses from observers and followers across all social media platforms.


Toilet Cleaning Hack Video Controversy divides the internet

The internet is divided over the two influencers’ video as it has triggered social media users. Some people believe the hack may have gone too far, whereas some say it doesn’t matter. As a video like this, it sure had to generate some strong reactions.

One social media user commented: "Definitely not. NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!"

Another said: "I'll definitely pass on that. Wow, I hope no one does this... but it is 2022, and things have changed, so someone may have done something heinous... haha."

"This is why I don't dine at people's houses," one wrote.

With the sanitary properties of their hack still being debated, several allies on social media have stated how they don't understand why the video is blowing out of proportion as they see no harm in washing the toilet seat and silverware together.

"Given how frequently I clean my bathroom, I wouldn't mind doing this." I'd clean it again before putting it in there. I also don't use my dishwasher and hand wash my dishes, so I don't see a problem. Some defended the two women and stated: "lmao the fact that people don't realise that she does these stuff for shock effect and amusement."

Following the online backlash, researcher David Coil told a publication that while it is unusual or unconventional, it is not downright incorrect. "Toilet seats contain fewer microorganisms than a tablespoon of soil," he recommended. While we don't recommend cleaning your toilet seat in the dishwasher, if you must, make sure you load it correctly."

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