Viral Video : Band Director Is The 'Teacher Of The Year' As He Protects Children

Avishka Tandon
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teacher protects children viral video
A video of a band director protecting a group of children from the water sprinklers by shielding them and getting drenched is going viral on the internet. The users praise the teacher for being considerate towards the students and name him Teacher Of The Year.

Our teachers do a lot for us without any greed or selfishness. They guide and shape us through our learning years but often don't get the recognition they deserve. While their students move on and excel in life, they remain where they were, still shaping the future of tomorrow. Our teachers always look out for us and help us when we are in trouble, just like this band director did for his band. His gesture is winning the internet and going viral as people are reminded of the selfless kindness of mentors.

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Teacher Protects Children Viral Video

The video on Reddit by MadeMeSmile was captioned, "Teacher of the Year. This band director is a champ at protecting his students!". In the video, a male teacher can be seen standing in front of water sprinklers in a ground full of students. The sprinkler was behind the band sitting in the middle of the crowd, taking its position to perform. The water could have ruined the band's costumes and hindered their performance, but the band director came to the rescue. He stood in front of it, got drenched to save the students, and moved away when the sprinklers turned off.

The description in the video reads, "This band director believes in protecting his all costs". In the video, the students can be seen cheering him, calling him a hero and telling him he would become famous on Facebook. The video got huge upvotes on Reddit, and many users found the video wholesome.

The post got positive comments from Reddit users as one wrote, "Definition of taking one for the team". Another one wrote, "Those are his kids. Of course he'll protect them." There were other comments like "That is dedication", "A hero!", "Great guy", and "What a good guy. Those kids will remember that for the rest of their lives" supporting and praising the teacher's good and caring act.

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