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How Viral Photo Of Burqa-Clad Woman Become Story Of Single Mother’s Struggle

Photo Of Burqa-Clad Woman
A picture of a burqa-clad woman carrying a Swiggy bag around Nadwa College road, Lucknow, went viral. Since then netizens have been showering praises on the woman.

However, a few were suspicious of a photo being AI-generated as a photo of the woman was taken from behind. Although it was revealed later that woman is not just a delivery woman, but also a domestic help. 

Photo Of Burqa-Clad Woman

The woman was identified as Rizwana. Rizwana said, “I work as a maid in people’s houses in the morning and evening and manage to earn ₹1,500. I also work as a hawker and sell disposable glasses and clothing at little businesses and stalls in the market in the afternoon. I receive ₹1-2 per packet. In all, I make about ₹5,000- ₹6,000 every month. The money keeps the fire in my kitchen burning.” 

The only difference is she is not a delivery partner with Swiggy only uses their bag. Rizwana added, “I needed a strong bag to keep disposable glasses and cups. So, I bought it for ₹50 from a person selling it at the Daliganj bridge. Since then, I have been carrying my stuff in this bag. I don’t work for Swiggy.” 

Rizwana walks to the market for work carrying the goods in this bag and covers about 20-to-25 km every day. Rizwana is a Janata Nagari Colony resident and mother of four children- 22-year-old Lubhna, 19-year-old Bushra, seven-year-old Nashra, and youngest son Md Yashi. Rizwana with her three children resides in a 10X10 room, the elder daughter Lubhna is married and lives with her in-laws nearby.

After listening to the story of hard-working Rizwana, the internet melted and send her heart-warming wishes. 

On speaking about the picture, Rizwan claimed that a shopkeeper showed her the pic and told them how it has gone viral. Rizwana also spoke to HT about the help coming in. SHe said, “Following this, a person came to meet me and asked for my bank details. Since the incident, I have received help from a few other people as well.”

Rizwana’s story is about a single mother’s struggle and the challenges she faces, while raising her children all alone. Rizwana’s spouse abandoned her and left home without any warning or notice. They were married for 23 years. He worked as a rickshaw-puller, and as his rickshaw got stolen one day, he started begging. 

On hardships, she said, “It has not been easy. People even mocked me, but I had to work for my family. I used to feel bad in the beginning but now, I have become used to it.”

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