Viral Video: Woman Diagnosed With Monkeypox Fights Misinformation

I’m here to tell you again that sex is not the only way to contract this virus: Tiktoker exposes misinformation on monkeypox.

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A woman diagnosed with monkeypox recently took to social media to share her experience with the disease and fight misinformation about the virus.

The 20-year-old, named Camille Seaton, began feeling unwell in July and was rushed to the hospital after blisters broke out on her face. She tested positive for monkeypox, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization.

Seaton is the first female to be officially diagnosed in Georgia, United States. She believes she contracted the virus while handling “dirty money” at her job as a gas station attendant. Seaton said that handling the money and then touching her face could have led to her contracting the virus.

According to New York University biologist Jospeh Osmundson, the virus is primarily impacting gay and bisexual men, who account for about 98 percent of the patients. However, disease experts said that anyone could contract monkeypox and that transmission is not restricted to intercourse. Experts have now asked people to stop linking the virus to gay and bisexual men as the virus is spread through contact.

Woman Fights Monkeypox Misinformation

Seaton spoke to the New York Post about her symptoms and said, “I was in pain literally all of the time.” She mentioned that she also experienced joint pain, excruciating headaches, fainting, and itching. While Seaton was isolated at home, her daughter was being looked after by her family members.

Seaton then took to social media and shared TikTok videos to recount her experiences with monkeypox. “I’m here to spread information about what I went through so that maybe they can find comfort in having it in general," read the caption of one of her videos.


In her viral video, Seaton said, “I’m here to tell you again that sex is not the only way to contract this virus. Yes, it’s mostly been men who have gotten it… but all people are different.” She warned the audience and said that monkeypox “is no joke”. Seaton advised people to wash their hands, wear gloves, wear masks, and stop touching people.

Seaton added that while the virus is not airborne, “You can catch it from sitting in a confined space with somebody that has it – a car, a plane, a room.”

She also claims that it took her three and a half weeks to recover and after she was no longer considered contagious, she disinfected her home so that her daughter could reside at their home again.

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