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Youtuber Milkuri Gangavva Take First Flight At 62, Netizen Lauds her Spirit

Milkuri Gangavva Take First Flight
The elderly population is doing wonders or maybe just the internet is giving them more exposure to highlight. Alongside, the internet has been a boon for rural India in raising their voice. Bring their talents, and culture on a big platform. This is what has happened to Milkuri Gangavva, a 62-year-old woman who previously worked as a farm labourer. Today, she is a YouTuber and rose to popularity by appearing in “My Village Show”, a video series that showcases rural Telangana and its culture.

She is been news because she took her first flight at 62 and her reaction while boarding the plane has been intriguing. The video captured the attention of netizens and since then the YouTuber has been lauded for proving that age is just a number.

Video Of Milkuri Gangavva Take First Flight

The video was shared on Instagram, the video showed a glimpse of the airport. Milkuri Gangavva was seen taking her boarding pass and scanning through the gate. Speaking something in her native language she boarded the plane. While entering the flight, she had a moment of mixed emotions wherein joy and nervousness were kicking in together as it was her first flight journey. The video also shows her struggles with the seat belt but later got it. Gangavva in her language asserted that she felt scared during take-off and also tried to take her seatbelt off. The YouTuber also the aircraft’s height startled her and the flight journey had hurt her ears.

The video so far received six million views and five lakh likes. The comments started pouring in soon. A user said, “Nice man…. everyone is having the same dream…you are so lucky who got a chance to fulfilled it…congratulations.” Another user looking at her expressions in the video found her cute. The person who took the video of the Gangavva was also appreciated. A user pointed out that he did a great job and waited for the day when he can take his mom on a flight journey. A user called the video as a mom’s experience. Many also appreciated her age and the spirit to try new things. A user said, “Gangavva is an inspiration… success will come at any age ..don’t get dispersed..keep working and hunting your dreams.”

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