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Viral Video: Woman Dressed As Manjulika Scares Metro Travelers

Manjulika Metro Incident: Women Scares People As Manjulika
The character of Manjulika from the 2007 movie Bhool Bhulaiya played by Vidya Balan has been a figure frequently used to manifest fear of a woman possessed by an evil spirit. However, a recent incident in a Noida metro which surfaced on the internet displayed the fact that the character of Manjulika is not confined to the decade-old film.

In the video, a woman wearing a yellow saree, with a marred look and untidy hair can be seen roaming in the metro in an attempt to scare people. Although, the passengers seem to be unbothered by the attempts of the person, meanwhile there were also kids who had a hard time with the person impersonating the character.

The woman can be seen disturbing a man peacefully listening to music, avoiding the ruckus in the metro when she explicitly approached him to shoo him away from his seat.

Manjulika Metro Incident: Reactions

The reactions to the viral video were mixed. While the supporters viewed the video as originating from a perspective of ‘harmless fun’,  the critics viewed the video as being a forbidden act of diabolical sort, thereby harming the personal as well as public space of the travellers.

There was another concerning incident in the metro wherein a person impersonated the lead character from Money Heist. It is still dubious as to what the motive and the basis of such impulse was, that these people were compelled to produce such acts.

Views were also expressed that these incidents should be reported to the police as such acts may be deemed against the basic rights of the people and the constitutional laws. Keeping these incidents in mind, the police have started investigations to discover the unearthed identity of these people who are unprecedentedly creating a ruckus in public domains.

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