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US Journalist Reporting On Shooting At Son’s School Reunites With Him On-Air

Journalist Reporting Shooting Hugs Son
A US-based journalist shared an emotional moment with her son while reporting on a high school shooting LIVE on TV. Fox News’ senior journalist, Alicia Acuna, was reporting outside East High School in Denver, where a 17-year-old shot two school employees.

While reporting the news, she spotted her son, who also studies at the same school. All her three children attend the same school. Seeing her son walk out of the school unharmed, Acuna apologised to her colleagues and the viewer and shared an emotional moment with her son.

Journalist Reporting Shooting Hugs Son

“Excuse me, my son just came up, and I haven’t seen him since all this went down. “I’m sorry you wouldn’t have let your kid walk by,” Alicia Acuna told anchors John Roberts and Sandra Smith as she embraced her son.

Acuna was asked to take a break and be with her son by the other anchors, but she immediately returned to work after sharing a hug with him.

“I have so many questions like the other parents. I was at my desk, working on a different story, and my son started texting me, saying that he was in an assembly, and suddenly there were police officers everywhere, there were ambulances, the assembly was shut down, and there were officials guarding the door,” quoted Acuna, according to Fox News. She added that she kept in contact with him over text because he said that he had to remain silent.

The Denver police were informed about the gunfire being shot at East High School around 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Two adults who had been shot were transported to the area’s hospital. It is believed that the suspect is no longer at the scene of the crime. Investigators are working on the case to gather additional information.

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