Dubai 'Millionaire’s Wife' Admits Exaggerating Spending To Stir Views

Instagram influencer Linda Andrade recently stirred up major controversy after she revealed how she spent nearly 2 million USD shopping. Andrade, who is married to millionaire Ricky Andrade, regularly posts about her extravagant life

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Image sourced from Linda Andrade's Instagram- @lionlindaa

Ever dreamed of spending Rs. 2 lakhs on a shopping spree? Well for some people, spending more than 2 crores (close to 17, actually) is their reality! Linda Andrade, an Instagram influencer, is one such person- her Instagram profile is filled with videos and posts about her extravagant spending. 


Who is this woman, and how did she get so rich? And why is it so controversial? Read more to find out:

Who Is Linda Andrade? 

At 24, Linda is the wife of millionaire Ricky Andrade, and is based in  Dubai and California, according to Insider. According to Ricky Andrade's website, he made his fortune after transitioning from being a dishwasher technician to pursuing day trading and entrepreneurship at the age of 21. He married Linda when she was 19. 

Most of her content on Instagram is about her day-to-day life as a millionaire's wife- spending extravagantly, going on first-class trips, and relishing in her luxury. By calling herself "The Dubai Housewife," Andrade's content epitomises the stereotype of Dubai housewives being uber-rich, and spending money on things most of us could barely even dream of. Her content has received both admiration from fans and has been dismissed as "out-of-touch" by her critics. But is it even real?

Andrade Expenditure: Real Or Not Real?

In a Tiktok, later posted as a reel on Instagram, Andrade shared how much she spends in a day as a Dubai housewife, with the amount being close to an eyewatering $16,540.


However, in an interview with Insider, she revealed that this video was one of many instances where she exaggerated her lifestyle, inflating her expenditure and what she bought. The reason? To grow her platform and spread the word about the "Dubai Housewife!" Andrade's ingenious strategy includes both her fans and haters, and counts on people hate-watching her posts enough to keep following and engaging with them. 

In an interview with Insider, she said, "I took a marketing class, and if you can make someone feel something, whether that's happy or sad or angry, you're going to get a response."

"So for me, the easiest way for me to do that is to make people angry," she said

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