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Girl Shares Unique Desi Jugaad To Make Roti, Video Goes Viral On The Internet

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Aate Ki Roti: In a recent video that is going viral on the internet, a girl shares a unique Desi jugaad that catches people’s attention for its creativity and innovativeness.

Innovative hacks and easy problem-solving steps make life easier for all of us and surely we have seen a lot of these jugaads circulating on the internet. These desi jugaads may be one good thing that has come out of the pandemic.

In yet another new desi jugaad viral video, a girl shares an easy and simple hack where she makes a round roti without using a rolling pin. Roti dominates Indian cuisine and is a food that most Indians grow up eating. But making a perfectly rounded chapati does take a lot of effort. Hence, knowing this chapati-making hack definitely won’t hurt.

The girl in the video demonstrated this by putting a kneaded dough on a board and fully covered it with a transparent plastic sheet. She then presses a round steel plate on top of the dough. Upon the removal of the steel plate and the plastic sheet, we see her rounded roti made with very little effort.

Since everyone is forced to stay home to keep safe, a lot of celebrities, content creators, and random internet users have shared tips and tricks they have been using their whole lives with other netizens. A lot of kitchen hacks have gone viral over the internet during the pandemic and lockdowns. Other Desi jugaads such as how to peel garlic easier, how to bake a cake with salt and pressure cooker, how to make cookies without a cookie cutter and an oven, how to use a pressure cooker for steam inhalation, and others have gone viral in the past few months.

Take a look at the viral Desi jugaad to make a rounded chapati here.