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Internet Hails Delhi School Teacher For Dancing With Kids After Video Goes Viral

delhi school teacher dance
A Delhi school teacher dances along with her students to an old Hindi film song on the last day of their summer camp. The teacher shared the video on Twitter and it was watched more than 570,000 times within two days.

The Delhi government school teacher Manu Gulati posted a video of her and her students dancing to ‘Kajra Mohabbat Walk’ by Asha Bhosle and Shamshad Begum.

She captioned the heart-warming video with a quote from the song’s lyrics and said “Our imperfect dance moves on the last day of summer camp… leading to some perfect moments of joy and togetherness.”

People watched the Delhi school teacher dance with her students and commended the teacher for dancing alongside her students and creating memories with them. A user said that in times of stress, activities like dancing should be done as “It makes you alive and joyful”. The user added that the students would never forget their bond with her.

Another user said, “Society needs teachers like you with whom students are enjoying study as well as extracurricular activities.”

Manu Gulati was also praised by netizens in April after she shared a video of a student teaching her dance moves after a class. A student was dancing to music while Gulati stood beside her and applauded. After the students asked their teacher to dance, she promptly joined in. She copied her student’s moves for the enjoyment of the class.

Gulati posted the video on Twitter and said in the caption that “Students love to be teachers. They love role reversal.” She added that her students’ English language class was followed by some Haryanvi music and dancing.

The video reached more than 90,000 views and netizens applauded Gulati’s engagement with her students and remarked that she was a great teacher. One user described the scene as “When teacher loves her job and children loves her teacher.”

Another user said that she was “imparting confidence in these girls” and said that “when the teacher provides a conducive environment for anything then only children can do better.”

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