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Watch Reaction Of Teen With Cerebral Palsy On Getting Selected For Harvard

Boy With Cerebral Palsy Gets In Harvard
In a wholesome video going viral on the internet, a teenage boy with cerebral palsy can be seen getting ecstatic upon receiving the news of him getting selected into the prestigious Harvard University. The boy and his sister’s happiness in the video is winning the hearts of the netizens.

Your limitations and disabilities cannot decide your future and if you diligently work towards your goals and desires that nothing in this world can stop you from achieving them. We often see people talk about how the future of specially-abled people is dark and how they have fewer opportunities. However, despite of such discouraging comments by such insensitive people, some specially-abled people do not give up their desires to their physical and mental limitations and prove that they can achieve anything they want. A similar example was set by a teenage boy who, despite suffering from cerebral palsy, did not give up his dream of studying at Harvard University.

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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Gets In Harvard

In a video posted by The Woodstock Academy on Instagram, the reaction of 17-year-old Matthew Myslenski is recorded on receiving his acceptance letter from Harvard University, Massachusetts. The video was captioned, “I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying! Senior Magda Myslenski shared this video of her twin brother, Matthew, finding out he was ACCEPTED TO HARVARD! Congratulations Matthew!  You make us so proud. Two wonderful human beings right here!  Now, please pass the tissues.” The video was shared by his twin sister Magda Myslenski who can be seen sitting beside him in front of a laptop in the viral video.

The twins can be seen sitting together on a sofa waiting impatiently for the news opening up a laptop and as soon as they realise that he has been selected for Harvard, they break into screaming and jumping with joy. Both of them can be seen as extremely delighted and for a moment everything seems unbelievable to them. The viral video has garnered over 74k likes and is being reshared in large numbers.

A user commented under the video, “A huge congratulations to Matthew. I cry every time I watch this!! Mom’s reaction is the best- if you know, you know”. Another one wrote, “I’m am definitely crying….what a beautiful moment!! “. Myslenski suffered from cerebral palsy since birth but he never let his dream of getting into Harvard die. He worked towards it since the age of seven and a senior at The Woodstock Academy, Connecticut made it true with his hard work and determination.