Watch: Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli's Filmy Dialogue Banter Awes Audience

"Virat is setting too high a bar": A recent interview of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli has gone viral on Twitter

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are undoubtedly one of the power couples celebrated massively in India. Their dynamic is really playful and adorable and they have once again set couple goals during a recent interview where their banter won the hearts of the people.

From doing an ad together to owning a business together, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's love story have come a long way. In 5 years of their wedding, the couple has seen the love as well as the scrutiny of the public but they always set a strong and good example. Recently, the couple gave an interview together and the easy-going, fun and bantering nature of their relationship was clearly visible that awed the fans.

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Anushka Virat Viral Video

In one of the viral moments from the interview, Anushka Sharma was asked about a dialogue from one of her movies that she wanted Virat Kohli to repeat. She chose her dialogue from Band Bajaa Baraat that went like, "Pyaar vyapaar ki jodi kabhi nahi baithti, na bhaiya, main toh single hi best" which was a playful dig on the fact that the couple has many business investments together.


To her surprise, Kohli replies with another dialogue from the same movie that went like, "Bujiness kar le mere saath, bread pakode ki kasam kabhi dhokha nahi dunga" which stunned the fans as well as Sharma who wasn't expecting this.

He even said that he remembers everything which warmed the hearts of the fans online as to how observant he is.

A Twitter user wrote, "Bloody hell. How does any other husband/boyfriend ever live up to this? Virat is setting too high a bar."

The cricketer has really set the bar too high as during the entire interview they were seen playfully trolling each other. Whether it was Sharma who asked him to make runs at least today or him who replied savagely with the number of his matches. Twitter users found it funny that Sharma sledged him and cutely hugged him to avoid a comeback.

On being asked what name has she saved his number in her phone, Sharma replied 'pati parmeshwar' which got cheers from the audience. A Twitter user wrote, "The way Anushka Sharma blushed and said "Pati Parmeshwar". Virat Kohli is so lucky to have her."

The couple talked about a lot of things ranging from their career to their relationship and everything they said displayed the love they share.

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