Over 1,000 Women Perform ‘Mahanati’ In Manali: What The Historic Dance Signifies?

Women Perform Mahanati Dance In Manali
If you’re in Himachal Pradesh to experience the chilling cold in the region, make sure to check out the winter carnival happening in Manali. The carnival hosts artists from across the state who perform for the public on the streets and in the open-air auditorium. However, it’s the local women who always steal the show with their performances of the historic dance form, the Mahanati.

Dressed in traditional attires of red and black, over one thousand women came together at Manali’s Mall Road to perform the Mahanati in sync at the winter carnival. Performed every year, the dance form holds a historic and cultural significance as well. Their spectacular energy and performance attracted thousands of tourists to the town.

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Women perform Mahanati dance in Manali

On Tuesday, over one thousand women took to the streets and came together to perform the Mahanati. Dressed in traditional outfits of red and back, with scarves on their head, the women gave an enriching performance for the audience and the tourists in the town of Manali.

The women, who belonged to the 80 Mahila Mandal groups of the left bank region, danced their hearts out to the culturally rich music at the popular Mall Road in town.

Women belonging to the right bank region will perform on January 5 in a similar fashion. The dance form is an integral part of the Winter Carnival taking place in town, which makes for a great event for the tourists visiting the state during the extreme winter season.

The authorities earlier announced that the winner of the Mahanati will be given a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh.

What does the dance signify?

This Himachali folk dance has always been a major centre of attraction across the state, especially during winter carnivals. The culturally rich dance denotes the heritage of the region and the strength of the community. To see not just women but also children follow folk music and try their hand at e dance forms showcases why it’s integral to preserve the cultural heritage of states.

The decades-old dance form Mahanati denotes the strength and perseverance of women. While there are several stories attached to its origin, today, the most vital aspect of it being followed as an art that brings people together from all walks of life is what gives it true meaning and glory.

Apart from the Mahanati, a performance by the ‘Harmony of Pines’, the famous police band, garnered applause from the tourists and communities gathered. The carnival offers a platform for several artists from across the country to perform and get recognised.