Plot Twist: What Happened When This Woman Proposed To Partner At Disneyland?

Woman Proposes Partner At Disneyland
A proposal is a really special moment in a relationship and usually, a lot of planning and preparations go into deciding the right place, time and way to finally shoot the question. However, sometimes things can roll out differently than you expect but for the better just like what happened with this couple.

People usually think of a special place or way of proposing to their partner. For some it’s a location where they have many memories together, for others it can be a dream destination. Either way, every simple or grand proposal is dreamy and overwhelming. Just like this woman who decided to propose to her partner at Disneyland. While she had everything planned and things were going great until the end, an unexpected surprise left everyone laughing their hearts out. Here’s what happened.

Woman Proposes Partner At Disneyland

In a now-viral video, a woman can be seen on a Disneyland trip with her partner. They are there with their friends and family which seems like the woman’s plan for her Disneyland proposal because they are clicking pictures and taking videos of the couple. As planned, the woman goes down on one knee and presents the ring to her man. Now while we expect the proposal to be an emotional one, it actually turns out to be quite funny as her partner himself bursts into laughter. He then gets down on his knee too and takes a ring out of his pants pocket, leaving everyone laughing.

The video reminded netizens of a soulmate connection as they both decided to propose in the same way, at the same place and time. They exchange rings while laughing and crying at the same time. Their friends also give amusing reactions to this funny yet heartwarming coincidence. Meanwhile, the internet found it really funny and romantic. They congratulated the couple and talked about how it was evident from the video that they are soulmates indeed.

The video shows how there can be unexpected twists in your dream proposal but it can also turn out to be better than what you could have thought.

Picture Credit: Majically News Instagram

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