Watch: Mom Of 2 Does Pushups With Indian Solider In -16°C In Kashmir

An Indian Army man approached fitness influencer Neha Bangia when she was filming a pushup video and asked to join. The video has now gone viral.

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Screenshots from @thatfitmum Instagram

A fitness coach and mother of two, Neha Bangia, recently shared a video on Instagram doing pushups with an Indian Army soldier in minus 16° Celsius temperature in Kashmir. The woman who is also a content creator who goes by @ThatFitMum on Instagram, captioned the video, "Make some noise for the desi boys!" The video has gone viral on social media, with many calling the duo an inspiration.


Bangia said in the caption that she was visiting Kashmir for a vacation and making a workout video for her Instagram when an Army soldier approached her and asked if he could join. She said it was truly an honour for her to be joined by the soldier and said, "Obviously I can't beat a fauji bhai in pushups."

Neha Bangia Does Pushups With Indian Soldier

While the army soldier was undeniably excellent at the pushups, Neha Bangia was giving him tough competition with her impeccable form and strength. She said in the caption of the Instagram video, "It was such a thrill to do pushups at -16 temps... Where it’s extremely difficult for us to spend just a few days out there in that brass monkey weather, they stay there all year round and they do it all happily."

Bangia further said, "I was just making my pushups video and the fauji bhai standing behind in the video told me “humne yahaan kisi ladki ko pushups karte hue kabhi nahi dekha, hum roz kasrat karte hain kyunki thand se bachne ka yeh best tareeka hai yahaan” (We have never seen a woman do pushups here. We work out here every day because it is the best way to beat the cold."

She was then joined by another soldier in her workout. "I had already done 15-ish pushups but then how could I say no for pushups with him," she said. Although Bangia was in pain, she pushed through. "Though my palms were chilled and my arms had already started giving up, it was indeed an honour for me," she said.

She finally signed off saying, "All respect for them [the army]." Bangia's Instagram bio reads that she is also a fauji wife (wife of an army man). She is an ACE-certified fitness coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Nutrition coach. She has a daughter and a son. 

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