‘I Restarted At 42’, Rupali Ganguly On How Anupamaa Changed Her Life

Rupali Ganguly, the star of Anupamaa, opened up in conversation with SheThePeople about why her character connects with many women. In her own words, it's the imperfections and her journey that have resonated with viewers.

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Rupali Ganguly Restarting Her Career At 42

Rupali Ganguly, the star of Anupamaa, opened up in conversation with SheThePeople about why her character connects with many women. In her own words, it's her imperfections, and her journey resonated with viewers. She highlighted the significance of self-acceptance and how her husband's unwavering support played a pivotal role in her career resurgence. Ganguly also encouraged women to pursue their dreams and called for a shift in traditional gender roles.


Ganguly began by sharing why her characters resonate with most of the women out there. She said, "Someone shared a beautiful insight with me today. It's your imperfections that make you the perfect Anupama.' I am proud of my flaws, like my crow's feet and lifelines, as they are a testament to my life's journey. Restarting life at 42 and accepting myself have resonated with viewers, making the character of Anupama relatable to many. Anupama represents the everyday people we find in our homes."

When asked how she made that restart possible, she credits her husband, Ashwin (Verma), for her career resurgence and self-discovery. She added how he wholeheartedly supported her pursuit of acting, even adjusting his own career. His pride and support have been instrumental in her journey, making her feel incredibly blessed to have him in her life.

She added, "It was his dream to see me get that attention, get that love, and get that importance. So, I think today, if anybody is the most proud of me in my family, it's him. The way he had handled my home front, I wouldn't have been going out there and working."

Significance of Pursuing Dreams

Having a supportive partner is crucial, but she strongly believes that even if someone tries to hold you back, it's essential for every woman to pursue her dreams. In her own words, she said, "It is very, very important for every woman to kind of give her dreams one shot. You need to because I don't want to live with regrets, and I don't want to die thinking I could have done this or that.

She believes women are the only ones who can multitask, and things will fall into place. She asserted, "I'm sure there are some fantastic mothers out there who have taken strides in their careers, gone after their goals and their dreams, and also handled home."


Challenging Traditional Gender Roles 

Reflecting on her family, her mother was a content homemaker, while her father served as the primary breadwinner. She recalls how Sundays were spent together, shopping for groceries as a family. However, she firmly believes it's time to challenge the traditional gender roles that expect men to be sole providers and women to juggle work and home responsibilities. "If a woman goes out to work, then she still has to take care of her work as a homemaker. I think it's time for this to change," she said. 

In today's era of social media and progressive thinking, she believes that both men and women appreciate women who balance their roles effectively. While change takes time due to ingrained norms, she acknowledges that progress is happening. 

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