Watch: 'You Are Such A Good Dad’ Pokes Fun At Parenting Double Standard

Musician Farideh is out with her new tune that is resonating profoundly with mothers. Her comedic song, "You Are Such a Good Dad," shed a spotlight on the often-overlooked struggles of motherhood, and how dads are praised for the bare minimum.

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you are such a good dad

Image Source: Farideh's YouTube Channel

In a world where viral sensations often arise from the most unexpected sources, Farideh, a musician known professionally by her first name, struck gold with a song that resonated with countless mothers around the world. A song born from a candid response in a comedy class took the internet by storm, bringing to light the silent struggles of motherhood. Farideh's catchy tune, "You Are Such a Good Dad," playfully exposes the unnoticed labour that mothers perform daily, often overshadowed by misplaced praise.


Through her song, Farideh confronts the societal tendency to applaud fathers for their minimal involvement while ignoring the monumental efforts of mothers. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of the myriad tasks she handles in the background to keep her household running smoothly. Yet, it's her husband who frequently receives compliments for merely being present with their child, a situation familiar to many mothers.

Challenging Societal Perceptions

Farideh makes it clear that her song isn't an indictment of fathers but rather a commentary on how society unfairly praises one gender's basic actions over another's extensive contributions.

Farideh's journey as a musical comedian exposed her to the need for a different perspective, one that delves into the unspoken irritations and grievances that women carry silently. She transformed her songwriting process from a heart-centred approach to a more cerebral one, addressing common topics that many women hesitate to vocalize, such as division of labour, body image, and intimate struggles.

Farideh's open dialogue with her audience, facilitated through her Instagram platform, has allowed her to create a community that supports and empathizes with women's shared experiences. Her commitment to making women feel seen underscores the importance of breaking the silence around the challenges women face daily.


Farideh's musical journey shows her willingness to tackle the complexities of womanhood through her art which resonates with mothers worldwide. Through her viral song, she provides a voice to those who have been silently navigating the often-underappreciated roles of motherhood.

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