Meet Kainat Shaikh, Defying Odds & Soaring High As A Cabin Crew Member

In her conversation with SheThePeople, Kainat Shaikh talked about the highs and lows of her six-year career and how she has found personal growth and fulfilment

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Kainat Shaikh, Image Credit: Instagram

Meet Kainat Shaikh, an Indian cabin crew member who defied societal norms and pursued her dreams of flying high in the skies. Despite facing criticism about her skin colour and physique, Kainat's determination led her to secure a position as an air hostess at the age of 18. Through her journey, she has challenged stereotypes, surprised her loved ones mid-flight, and found personal growth and fulfilment in her six-year career.


In her conversation with SheThePeople, Kainat Shaikh talked about the highs and lows of her six-year career and how she has found personal growth and fulfilment. Beyond the glamorous facade, being an air hostess has instilled in her a sense of self-confidence, emotional resilience, and financial stability.

Meet Kainat Shaikh: Defying Odds & Soaring High As A Cabin Crew Member 

"I knew I wanted to work in either aviation or fashion since I was young. However, I never thought I'd start flying at such a young age. After high school, I applied for an interview but got rejected, which upset me. I was determined to pass the interview, so I kept trying, and after a few attempts, I finally got selected. I was 18 when I began flying.

Before becoming an air hostess, I faced comments about my skin colour and being too thin. They would tell me that only fair-skinned individuals could be flight attendants. However, interviewers prioritise confidence, communication, and personality over looks. Even now, some people see us as fancy waiters, but we're the ones who take care of your loved ones on flights. We're trained to handle emergencies and ensure everyone's safety. People need to learn about our role to change these misconceptions.

Recently, my mom and I had to travel to Delhi for some work. When I flew from Bombay to Delhi, I had only one flight to attend. Since my friend was on the same flight, I decided to surprise my mom. I asked my friend to help me convince my mom to travel on that same flight. I told my mom I had two flights to attend, so I'd meet her directly in Delhi. She believed me, and after boarding, I surprised her by showing up on the plane.

My mom's reaction was beautiful and priceless. I'll always remember the smile on her face when she saw me in front of her. I felt nervous and excited because it was the first time in my six-year flying career that my mom was watching me work on a flight.

When we got home, she told me she was so proud of me, which she doesn't say often. When I first started flying, it was tough to manage work and my personal life. I wasn't near my family, so I missed many important family events.

Being an air hostess has brought me many personal, emotional, and financial benefits. It boosted my self-confidence and made me emotionally strong. Flying can affect our health, but seeing the aircraft makes all our problems disappear. We meet different people, and there’s never a dull moment while working. If someone asks, I’d say I’m living my dream!"

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