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Viral Video: Woman Narrates The Story Of Her Husband’s Murder With TikTok Dance

Woman Narrates Husband's Murder
In a bizarre incident that has netizens shocked, a woman narrated the story of her husband’s murder with a TikTok dance.

The woman Jess, known on TikTok by her username The Singing Widow, the woman was seen performing on Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look. The text on the screen narrated the story of the husband’s murder.

The TikTok was shared on other social media platforms, including Twitter, where it received 4.7 million views, more than 193,000 likes, and was retweeted more than 14,700 times.

Woman Narrates Husband’s Murder

According to the TikTok, the woman’s husband was shot and killed eight years ago by a man. The text read, “I was three days postpartum.”

The widow added, “Eleven months later, the man who shot him was convicted of manslaughter. On the day of his sentencing, I gave a speech.”

She told the man who killed her husband “our love story” and added that if the accused ever started to feel sorry for himself, he should remember her face.

She ended the video with the text, “It remains one of the proudest moments in my life”.

Jess described herself on her Instagram profile as a “remarried widow warrior”. She uses creativity on social media platforms to navigate grief, mental health struggles, and infertility. The remarried widow is the mother of two who uses her social media to discuss grief.

Jess further revealed in an Instagram post that her husband of 10 years was shot and killed three days after she gave birth to their son. She added that a drunk convicted felon fired a gun from a house behind theirs. The bullet travelled over 600 feet (60.9 metres) and crashed through a window in their home.

Jess added that despite the heavy loss, she refused to give up and went to therapy and went back to school. She found love again and got remarried.

Jess wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, “I could have let my tragedy destroy me (and for a little while, I did) but instead, I let it fuel me”.

She signed off by saying, “We’ll always be a little broken, but finding happiness again is possible”.

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