US Hospital Security Guard Held For Having Sex With Woman's Dead Body

The security guard was caught in the act by his co-workers and insisted that the body bag was torn when he got there, but investigators found his DNA at the scene.

Tanya Savkoor
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The security guard of a hospital in Arizona, US, was caught having sex with the body of a 79-year-old deceased woman inside the morgue. Randall Bird was arrested on November 28, a month after he was witnessed by the staff at the Banner University Medical Center morgue in Phoenix, the New York Post reported. The 46-year-old man was charged with multiple allegations after the police launched an investigation into the case late last month.


According to the New York Post report, Randall Bird was responsible for taking the bodies of deceased patients to the morgue and slipping them into the freezer. On October 22, he was caught in the morgue by fellow staff with his pants unzipped and uniform looking "messy." The witnesses also claimed that Bird started sweating profusely when he got caught in the freezer and looked uncomfortable and nervous.

Police Investigation

The New York Post reported that the hospital staff who witnessed Randall Bird in the act said that the body bag of a dead elderly woman was unzipped and her body was faced down on the stretcher with Bird's belt next to her. Authorities said that the 46-year-old hospital security guard immediately began covering the deceased woman's body.

According to court reports, Bird claimed that the body bag was torn and already unzipped when he got there and pretended to feel physically uneasy while being questioned by his co-workers. But the hospital staff held their suspicion and brought it to the attention of the supervisor.

Bird then claimed he had a "medical episode" and fainted and grabbed the woman's body as he fell to the ground. Even during the police investigation, Bird tried to cover up his act claiming he had an episode and does not recall a single incident from that day. On Tuesday, Bird was taken into custody and booked on five counts of crime against a dead person. The hospital confirmed that he was terminated from his job. 

Banner University Medical Center released a statement on the horrifying incident. "We are saddened and appalled by the alleged actions of an individual at Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix that resulted in his arrest on November 28, 2023," hospital officials said, as per CBS 5. "Banner Health has and remains committed to high standards that require each of our team members to treat everyone, at every stage of life, with compassion, dignity, and respect," the statement added. 


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