Meet Tucker Budzyn: How This Lovable Golden Retriever Is Making Millions

Tucker Budzyn, a 5-year-old golden retriever, is not your average pup. He is a social media sensation, earning over Rs 8 crore a year simply by being adorable.

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Golden Retriever Earns Millions
Tucker Budzyn, a 5-year-old golden retriever, is not your average pup. He is a social media sensation, earning over 8 crore rupees a year simply by being adorable. With a massive following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, Tucker has become a true influencer in the digital world.

Tucker’s human companion, Courtney Budzyn, manages his social media accounts, according to the New York Post. She used to work as a house cleaner but decided to quit her job to focus on Tucker’s online presence. Even Courtney's husband, Mike, left his job as a civil engineer to support her in this venture.

Tucker Budzyn: Golden Retriever Earns Millions

Tucker’s earnings are nothing short of impressive. Just from TikTok alone, he makes around 5 lakh rupees to 9 lakh rupees. When you add his income from other platforms, his yearly earnings reach millions. Courtney revealed that a paid YouTube post can bring in anywhere from 33 lakh rupees to almost 50 lakh rupees for a 30-minute video. On Instagram, they earn about 16 lakh rupees for sharing three to eight stories.

Born in 2018 in Michigan, United States, Tucker first appeared on Courtney's personal Instagram account. However, his popularity grew rapidly, leading to the creation of a separate Instagram account dedicated solely to his adventures. With misspelt words and the nickname "Linda" for his owner, Tucker’s puppy antics were documented, capturing the hearts of followers worldwide.

Tucker’s TikToks showcase his unique personality and provide a glimpse into his thoughts and behaviours, often presented with a humorous twist. These videos have contributed to his growing fan base and global audience.

To capitalise on his fame, Tucker has even launched his own merchandise line, which is highly sought after by his loyal fans. You can purchase his exclusive items from his website, further solidifying his presence in the world of influencer marketing.


Brands have taken notice of Tucker’s star power as well. He has endorsed companies like Vessi, Pug Life, and Furbo, and has been sponsored by Google on multiple occasions.

Tucker Budzyn, the lovable golden retriever, has proven that anyone, even a furry friend, can make it big in the digital world. With his charm, humour, and adorable antics, he continues to bring joy to millions of people around the globe while raking in impressive earnings from his online endeavours.

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