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US Tourist Found Dead In Mexico, Parents Suspect Murder As New Evidence Emerges

Shanquella Robinson Case
A North Carolina woman named Shanquella Robinson was in a joyful mood a few days back while she was away on holiday with her girl pals at a luxury beach club resort in Mexico. Her happiness, evidently seen in the latest video clip from her room, was short-lived as she was found dead the next day. While initial reports suggested that Robinson died of alcohol poisoning, a new video clip suggests she was murdered as it surfaces horrific details of the fateful night when Robinson was allegedly killed after suffering from gruesome injuries.

25-year-old Shanquella Robinson mysteriously died in a luxury Mexico resort where she was holidaying with her friends. A new video clip connecting to the fateful night emerged recently, indicating that she was allegedly beaten to death by her friends.

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Shanquella Robinson Case: 10 things to know

1. Shanquella Robinson was a 25-year-old woman who belonged to North Carolina, United States. She was an entrepreneur and ran her own hair-braiding business called Exquisite Babies. She travelled to the luxury Fundadores Beach Club resort in San José del Cabo on October 28 with her friends.

2. Robinson was found dead in her hotel room the next day. Her friends who had accompanied her for the trip told the authorities and her family that she had apparently died of alcohol poisoning.

3. While her parents were shattered seeing that their daughter died within 24 hours of heading for vacation, they faced even more devastating news that she was apparently murdered that night.

4. The Mexican authorities informed the parents that Robinson carried injuries and trauma to her neck and spine. The claims were confirmed after an autopsy report detailed the same.

5. The case, which got viral all across the United States and Mexico, was handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the agency is currently looking into her alleged murder.

6. While the case is currently being investigated, a new and disturbing video emerged over social media which so far indicates that Robinson was brutally beaten by her friends in her hotel room, which may have resulted in her death.  The video shows how Robinson walks into the hotel room casually joking around, capturing the room and talking to her friends while doing it. What happens next is shocking and unbelievable, for Robinson and for the world to see. Robinson is heard telling the girls, “It does not take that long to go naked. Where y’all at?”

7. What’s strange about the video is that while Robinson is in a pure holiday mood, her friends look at her and do not respond to her at all. Soon after that, her friends jump on her and start hitting her while Robinson sits on the floor unable to fight back.

8. Although the girls from the video cannot be recognised that well, Robinson’s mother Sallamondra told the media that she knows them as they were the ones who had travelled with Robinson on the trip to Mexico.

9. Robinson carried severe spinal cord injuries and although the result of the investigation is not out yet, Robinson’s father claims the murder was well plotted and that the new video should be added as the primary evidence in the case. “They attacked her.  It wasn’t like my daughter was asleep in the room and they came and found her like that. Clearly, they attacked her and she died of injuries,” he told TMZ.

10. The latest development in the case is that the State Attorney General Office of Baja California Sur conveyed the investigation is underway and the results will only be shared to the extent that the legal framework allows. Her funeral was held on Saturday and hundreds of people paid their respects to her in person. No one has currently been booked on charges in connection to her death of far.