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Sexual Assault Cases In US Military Academies On Rise: Report

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Cases of sexual assault have been a common offense these days and even the military is not an exception. There has been a constant struggle over years to combat sexual assault in the military but a recent report on US military academies shows the truth behind the efforts.

A report released by the Pentagon based on a survey collected from students in the Navy, Army and Air Force of the US showed that there had been an increase of 18% in reported cases of sexual assault in 2021-22 as compared to 2020-21, out of which sexual assault cases in Naval forces doubled. The survey was collected anonymously and included touching to rape in sexual assault. As per the report, in 2022 155 students from US military academies reported sexual assault as compared to 131 in 2021.

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Sexual Assault In US Military Academies

It is important to note that the USA has been struggling to decrease the cases of sexual assault in the military for years now. Every year new programmes and agendas are released in order to prevent sexual assault but the report suggests that all those schemes have been in vain. The programmes have, however, encouraged more women to report such cases but have not helped with preventing them. The report also included sexual assault cases that happened before the students joined the military and cases where military students assaulted other students, active-duty service members and civilians.

The report shows how we are dealing with sexual assault cases. The military is considered one of the most disciplined and strict organisations and when such cases are reported from military, it just reduces our faith in the system. Not only this, such increasing cases of sexual misconduct will only discourage women from joining military. Women’s participation in the military is already really low in the US and around the world and several benefits and schemes are launched to encourage their participation from time to time.

The point that the survey has to be conducted anonymously shows how such serious offences are under-reported because of power and politics in a field such as the military. The world has always neglected and denied women justice but when the very example of righteousness, selflessness and justice denies it, the impact is disastrous. This shows that the modern days have not yet made us modern, the ways of the world are still primitive and patriarchal.