Restaurant Owner Drives Across Country To Fulfill Woman's Last Wish

It was a cross-state gesture of goodwill that lifted a veil of sadness. A restaurant owner from North Carolina travelled six hours to deliver a dying woman's last wish.

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Kevin Cherry, the owner of Mama Kwans Tiki Bar & Grill in North Carolina, United States, is now known worldwide for abandoning all he was doing and travelling across state lines for six hours in order to grant a last desire. His kind act is applauded across nations.


Delivered, Just On Time

According to a Friday WAVY news broadcast that went viral on websites that feature inspirational news, Cherry's Mama Kwans Tiki Bar & Grill received a call in late February from the friend of a cancer patient who was near death.

Mary Simmons, the caller, made it apparent that her friend Heather Bowers, a trained nurse, was breathing her last at the age of 47, leaving behind her husband and kids. And when Bowers' last hours approached, she yearned to have her favourite dish—a pork plate from Mama Kwans, her family's go-to restaurant when they were on vacation—one last time.

Simmons expressed her doubts that Mama Kwans would be able to provide lunch in time to WAVY. About six hours' distance separated Simmons at Bowers' side and the eatery in the Outer Banks region of far eastern North Carolina. However, Simmons then claimed that Mama Kwans had called her back. According to the restaurant, Bowers' lunch was packed away by the owner. Simmons said she was told, "He's in the car and he's on his way there." "He is en route."

Kevin made it just in time, delivering what ended up being Bowers' last meal. Less than 24 hours later, she passed away. When he heard the news, Cherry honoured Bowers by putting the words "Heather, Rest in Peace" on Mama Kwan's restaurant sign.

In a Facebook post, Simmons shared a heartfelt tribute to Cherry, she wrote:


"Kevin at Mama Kwans is one of the most genuine people in the world. He still has never met me in person and travelled over five hours to bring my best friend’s favourite meal to her, after one simple phone call."

She went on to say:

"He literally delivered it to her house the same day I called to see if they could possibly ship food. This ended up being her last night on Earth as she passed away from cancer the next evening- less than 24 hours after he was able to meet her, her husband, and her two young children.

Kevin at Mama Kwans is one of the most genuine people in the world. He still has never met me in person and traveled...

Posted by Mary Elton Simmons on Wednesday, March 13, 2024



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