Watch: Separated In Peru, Mother And Son Reunite In Virginia After 20 Years

Josefina Mamita and her son Juan were separated two decades ago when Juan left Peru to earn a living. He started his own family there and could not return due to life's circumstances.

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Image Credit: Nelly Bernal/GNN

Image Credit: Nelly Bernal/GNN

After 20 years, a mother met her son and hugged him which lasted for a long time. Josefina Mamita and her son Juan were separated two decades ago when Juan left Peru. He flew to the US where he started his own family in Virginia. He has two children, Mia Bernal and Aiden. It was the occasion of Aiden's birthday when Juan's family planned the surprise union and captured it in a video. 


The entire union was planned by Juan's family and relatives. His 10-year-old daughter Mia also pitched in by making the surprise creative and unique. As planned, Josephina Mamita was brought to the US on a flight from Peru's capital, Lima, where she raised four children. Mia went to receive her grandma when her father was asleep so he doesn't identify the surprise. 

How the surprise was executed

In a letter to GNN, Mia said, “We picked her up at the airport at 4:00 in the morning while my dad was sleeping, so he didn’t notice anything.”

This was the first time when Josephina flew to America. As per the plan, everyone was supposed to gather at Nelly Bernal, Mia's aunt's house at night to celebrate Aiden's birthday. During the celebration, Josephina was supposed to appear as a surprise to Juan. 

In the letter, Mia wrote, “I had the idea for Aiden to blow out the candles and wish that our grandma was here. Right after that, she’ll show up and surprise our dad.” She further said that her grandma wanted to cook her dad's favourite Peruvian dishes.


The emotional moment of the son and mother reunion

The plan was executed successfully. During the celebration, as directed, Aiden wished “that Mamita Josefina was here…” Then, as a surprise, Josephina appeared. She pulled her son, Juan, close to her and they embraced each other for a long time. Mia said that this was her father's "best surprise in his life”.

The family planned to take Josephine to the Independence Day fireworks extravaganza. 

A similar reunion of a mother with her children after 13 years

Another reunion story of parents and children went viral blooming emotional and heartwarming reactions from people. In December 2023, a mother was reunited with her children after 13 years. Her children, a daughter and a son, fled their house in Uttar Pradesh's Agra after being scolded by their mother in 2010. But now, the duo had come back and instantly hugged their mother who couldn't hold back her tears. 

As per reports, the daughter named Rakhi was 9 years old and the son, Babloo was 6 years old when the duo left their home. They got scolded and beaten up by their mother Neetu for not washing utensils. Neetu was a daily wage labourer back then and was out for work when the sibling duo left the house.

Today, Rakhi has completed her graduation and is working with a company in Delhi while Babloo is working in Bengaluru.

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