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Who Is Patricia Kopta? Missing Woman Found Alive After 31 Years

Patricia Kopta
More than three decades after Pennsylvania street preacher Patricia Kopta was reported missing, she was found alive in an adult care home in Puerto Rico.

Kopta’s husband, Bob, reported her missing in 1992 and seven years after her disappearance he had her declared legally dead.

31 years later, Ross Township Deputy Police Chief Brian Kohlhepp received information from an Interpol agent and social worker in Puerto Rico. The contacts believed they found Kopta alive in a facility 1,700 miles (2,735 metres) away. Here’s all you need to know about Patricia Kopta.

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Who Is Patricia Kopta?

  • 83-year-old Patricia Kopta used to reside in Pennsylvania and was a street preacher known as ‘The Sparrow’. She received the nickname from residents in her town.
  • The Ross Township police said during a press conference that Patricia was found in need for care in 1999 and taken to an adult care home.
  • As per reports, Patricia was diagnosed with dementia.
  • According to the staff at the adult care home, Patricia refused to share details about her personal life, but years later after her dementia progressed, she began to open up.
  • Her husband, Bob Kopta and her sister Gloria Smith expressed gratitude that Patricia Kopta was found alive after 31 years. Bob said, “You wouldn’t believe what we’ve been through. It’s such a relief to know she’s alive.”
  • Bob also spoke about Patricia’s life in Pennsylvania before she went missing. He said she enjoyed ballroom dancing and used to work as an elevator operator.
  • The couple had no children together and Patricia was a Roman Catholic. Bob added that over time, he noticed that his wife’s zest for religion reached new heights.
  • Patricia Kopta reportedly claimed to be the mother of God and warned of a nuclear Armageddon.
  • After losing her job, Kopta spent her time in parking lots and roads warning passersbys about the end of the world. This earned her the nickname ‘The Sparrow’.
  • According to her sister, Gloria Smith, Patricia talked about seeing an angel.
  • Seven years after she disappeared, Bob had his wife declared legally dead.
  • According to CBS News, the police said Patricia eventually admitted that she came to Puerto Rico on a European cruise shit.