Non-Binary US Resident Spends 8.13 Lakh Rupees On Body Modification

Jessy's most exceptional modification is the horn implants on their forehead. 

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Non-Binary Person's Body Modification
People's love for tattoos and piercings has long been seen for decades now, with them trying diverse designs, themes and symbols of purpose and meanings that hold to their personalities. Most of these changes, also known as body modification, happen with time with a conscious choice of the person getting them done. In an attempt to do the same, a person from the United States has chosen the path of body medication and undergone diverse changes recently.

26-year-old Jessy, who identifies as non-binary underwent piercings and horn implants worth lakhs to feel true to themselves. Jessy belongs to Kansas, one of the United States' most religious states, and while their modification didn't go down well with a lot of people online, they went ahead and decided to make changes to feel happy from within.

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Non-Binary Person's Body Modification

To bring a change for themselves and feel true to who they are, 26-year-old Jessy chose the path of body modification and their happiness shows in their confidence. However, it hasn't been an easy ride for Jessy. They have had to do complete research on the same, bring significance to their choice and spend thousands of dollars on different types of modifications required.


They shared the details of their modification and the intention behind the decision with a leading American daily. Sharing that changing this image has brought them immense confidence and happiness, Jessy said, "It's not like I had to stand out or anything, it's just that I wanted to feel more like myself. I am happier now."

Jessy shared that they first became interested in changing an appearance and modifying the body when they were fourteen. They found their cousin's stretcher in the ears to stretch the holes fascinating and ever since, they had been researching the same discovering more ways to change appearances.

Jessy has a total of 28 piercings, most of them near their lips. Apart from this, they have earlobes stretched to about 80ml and 12mm Septum alongside nostrils of 20mm. Jessy's most exceptional modification is the horn implants on their forehead. 

"Although I identify as non-binary, it put me in more danger than other people because I was born female"

Jessy has spent around over 10,000 dollars for their modification, which is approximately 8.13 lakh rupees. Although they are confident in their being, they have faced massive rebukes from people, especially over the internet. As someone anxious as a person, it has taken a lot of time for Jessy to come out of their shell and own one's identity.

While Jessy has made several like-minded friends, the hate from some religious people online who disapprove of their choices has been plenty. However, they choose to ignore the same and move on.

Jessy, who works with a popular e-commerce company, is now saving money to purchase a house with their partner and live the life they have always envisioned.

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