US Woman's Craigslist Listing For Lover/Roommate Goes Viral

A New York woman is asking for a roommate/lover and promises that the first 60 days will be free. For the unversed, Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with sections for jobs, and housing, among other criteria.

Kalyani Ganesan
Aug 08, 2023 13:57 IST
New York Woman Craigslist For Lover

Image Credits: Hindustan Times via Twitter

In the era of myriad dating apps, finding love is quite a challenge. A woman came up with a creative idea and put up a Craigslist notification. The unique post titled "Roommate Wanted" on Craigslist has gone viral after it found its way to Twitter.

A New York woman is asking for a roommate/lover and promises that the first 60 days will be free. For the unversed, Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with sections for jobs, housing, among other criteria.

Sharing the post on Twitter, the user wrote, "The Craigslist personals section may have been deleted, but it seems like it never did—it simply sifted to the real estate section."

New York Woman Craigslist For Lover


The original post mentioned that the prospective candidate must love cats. The woman described that she owns a nice, spacious 5-bedroom brick and wood house in Angleton, TX, a suburb of Houston. She shared that she used to teach fitness, so she doesn’t look too bad. The woman described herself as athletic and curvy, adding that her weight does fluctuate at times, but she stays well-toned. She also added that she loved to laugh, was easy-going, and responsible.

Further, the woman revealed that she was widowed for a few years and hadn’t met anyone. She said she was just realising how attracted she was to people with Italian, Israeli, or Jewish people, which was part of her heritage. So she was preferably looking for someone but claimed that even a general New York demeanour was fun and attractive to her.

She also disclosed that she had an 8-year-old son whom she was raising now. She added that she was previously married and divorced. The children from her previous marriage aged 13 and 15 were primarily living with their father.


The post explained that prospective candidates should be easy-going, compliant, and not demanding. They only had to pay $550 per month, which included free internet, Netflix, and all other utilities. The woman added that the most she would charge was $1250 per month if the resident would be bringing in several people to stay with them and if they were bossy, demanding, very particular, etc. She also said that she would do the cleaning and cook for the applicant if they were willing to "buy the food."

Interestingly, she also mentioned that the rent would be discussed six months later.

She mentioned that the other quality that she was looking for was that the applicant should have brown or black hair. She added that if they had "a receding hairline or were bald on top," they should discuss it with her before going bald.


The woman explained that she believed this was an intimate instinct and was trying to give the best chance of falling in love and marrying at some point. She said that if the response seemed real and she vibed well with potential applicants, she would schedule a video chat as soon as possible.

Her post also mentioned that the applicant should be a little bit in shape. She said that she could not pay for them to move to her place or for their food, but if needed, they could apply for emergency food stamps.

The woman further added that she hoped the applicant had a "high libido" and would be open to lovemaking in the morning and night. She emphasised that the applicants shouldn’t have serious criminal backgrounds or use illegal drugs or psyche meds.

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