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A Mother And Daughter Duo Create History After Piloting A Flight Together

Mother-daughter pilot duo
The story of a mother and daughter making history by piloting a flight together has gone viral. On July 23, Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt flew together from Denver to St Louis on Southwest Airlines Flight 3658.

Southwest Airlines took to social media and posted about the pilot duo. The airline described them as the first mother-daughter pilot duo at Southwest Airlines in the video. The video was captioned, “Congrats Keely on earning your wings and completing a historic flight with your mom.”

The text in the video read, “POV: You become the first mother-daughter duo at Southwest.”

The video begins with a close-up of a family photo featuring Captain Holly along with her three children, including Keely. The camera zoomed out and showed the mother-daughter pilot duo holding the photograph in their pilot uniforms inside the plane. It features clips of Holly and Keely working travelling through the airport and performing tasks together.

Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo

A clip of Captain Holly introducing the First Officer and her daughter Keely aired on Good Morning America. Captain Holly said in the video, “I would like to introduce to you your first officer, a brand new member of the Southwest team of pilots, and my daughter, Keely.”

Captain Holly Petitt began her career as a flight attendant after college. She realised that she wanted to become a pilot and began taking flight lessons when Keely was two years old. By the time Holly began taking flight lessons, she was the mother of three. She has been a pilot for 24 years and was later joined by her daughter.

Speaking with Good Morning America, Holly described the experience as surreal. She said, “You have this little baby, you’re holding her in your arms and in a blink of an eye, there she is, sitting on the flight deck next to you.”

Her daughter Keely followed in her mother’s footsteps and realised she wanted to become a pilot when she was 14. She earned her pilot’s license and began interning at Southwest Airlines in 2017. Keely said that working at Southwest Airlines had always been her end goal.

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