Watch: 9 YO Indian-Origin Singer Stuns America's Got Talent Judges

Nine-year-old Pranysqa Mishra won over the audience with her shy, adorable charm, making it impossible not to root for her. When she began to sing, she captivated everyone.

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Nine-Year-Old Pranysqa Mishra Stuns America's Got Talent with Powerful Audition

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Season 19 of America's Got Talent continues to impress, with the latest episode on July 2 featuring one of the most remarkable and youngest auditions in the series. Nine-year-old Pranysqa Mishra won over the audience with her shy, adorable charm, making it impossible not to root for her. When she began to sing, she captivated everyone. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the young performer delivered a stunning rendition of Tina Turner’s River Deep Mountain High with effortless confidence.


Nine-Year-Old Pranysqa Mishra Stuns America's Got Talent

Since the age of 4, Pranysqa Mishra has been honing her singing talent, which shone brightly on the America's Got Talent stage. Her love for Tina Turner's music was evident in her powerful rendition, which captured the hearts of both judges and the audience alike. Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer moment marked a milestone in Mishra's budding music career, promising a bright future ahead in the industry.

On July 8, Anand Mahindra again took to Twitter to express his admiration for Pranysqa Mishra’s performance, highlighting his awe and pride in seeing Indian-origin talent shine on an international platform like America's Got Talent.

Moreover, the judges on America's Got Talent are notorious for being hard to impress. However, an 11-year-old South Asian-origin guitarist recently took the audience and judges in awe with her rendition of the heavy metal favourite, 'Last Resort' by Papa Roach.


Clad in a traditional South Indian pattu pavada (long skirt and top) and a glittery bindi, Maya Neelakantan's command on the stage was unmissable. She captivated the crowd at the audition with her flawless electric guitar skills and a charming smile throughout the performance.

Who Is Maya Neelakantan?

Maya Neelakantan started her performance with a soothing Carnatic raga on the guitar, which soon escalated into a heavy metal banger. The seamless medley not only caught the audience by surprise but also floored them with the little girl's incredible mastery of music.

According to Neelakantan's Instagram managed by her parents, she is a trained musician in Indian Classical Carnatic, while experimenting with various other genres like thrash metal and rock. Speaking at America's Got Talent, she expressed that her inspirations are Adam Jones (TOOL) and Gary Holt.

Neelakantan also recently had the privilege of meeting Danny Carey from her favourite band TOOL. was completely impressed by her skills. After a chat with Neelakantan, he gave her a signed drum head. She wrote on Instagram, "He is always smiling and happy!"


Neelakantan added, " I was so happy that I got to meet the legend himself, Danny Carey from TOOL!... I was so nervous meeting him and I am still nervous even now when I watch this video. This is the first legend from TOOL that I have met and he is so kind and such a nice person."

America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, known for his wry demeanour, was completely charmed by Neelakantan's performance. He said, "You know what I love about this audition, you just weren't expecting this. You were so shy, and you're 10! And then you turned into, like, this rock goddess!" 

Fellow judge Howie Mandel also applauded Maya’s performance, expressing that she could soon become a viral sensation. Heidi Klum called Maya “gutsy, incredible” and praised her talent. Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara was shocked that Neelakantan could perform so well at such a young age. 


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