'See Bigger Picture': US Entrepreneur On 'Struggling' Despite Fancy Life

Entrepreneur Jessica Mah shares her struggles in a candid LinkedIn post. Despite the success, she battles self-doubt and emphasises not comparing herself to others.

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Image credits: TheStreet

Image credits: TheStreet

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, Jessica Mah stands out as a true trailblazer. Best known as the founder of inDinero, a fintech company revolutionising financial management for small businesses, she has amassed a remarkable portfolio of companies valued at over $500 million. Her journey to success, however, has been far from a fairy tale, as she recently revealed in a candid and heartfelt LinkedIn post.

From a young age, Mah displayed her entrepreneurial prowess, building her first six-figure business while still in middle school. Since then, she has become a Forbes 30 Under 30 superstar and a prominent venture capitalist. Not content with just business ventures, Mah's daring spirit extends beyond boardrooms; she indulges in flying jet aircraft and driving exotic cars for fun.

But behind the glittering facade of her achievements, Jessica Mah acknowledges that her life is not all glamour and glitz. In her thought-provoking post, she opens up about the struggles and self-doubt that persist despite her tremendous success. The post has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some praising her honesty and vulnerability, while others argue that she fails to recognise her privilege.

Jessica Mah On Her Struggles

According to her post, Mah revealed that she works tirelessly, dedicating a minimum of 60 hours per week to her ventures. Despite her remarkable accomplishments, she suffers from what she calls "accomplishment dysmorphia," unable to see her achievements through the same esteemed lens that others do. To those who envy her lifestyle, she offers a piece of wisdom gained from therapy - the importance of looking at the bigger picture.

Mah cautions against comparing oneself to others, particularly those who seem to lead more glamorous lives. She encourages a broader perspective, reminding everyone that behind the shiny exterior, everyone faces their unique struggles and challenges. She candidly admits that her journey has been marked by personal loss, as she grapples with the death of her ex-boyfriend by suicide, making it challenging for her to open her heart to new relationships.


Her LinkedIn post has ignited a mix of reactions, with some applauding her openness and appreciating the issue of comparison, which resonates deeply with many entrepreneurs. "I really appreciate these posts and reminders. Especially the issue around comparison, which is such a big deal for entrepreneurs," wrote one user, expressing gratitude for Jessica's insights.

However, not everyone was as empathetic. One user questioned the term "accomplishment dysmorphia," while another labelled the post as an attempt at "humble bragging" and "victimhood narcissism." Critics pointed out that Jessica still enjoys a privileged life despite her struggles.

The post has sparked debates and discussions among her followers and beyond. Despite the differing opinions, one thing is clear - Jessica Mah's candidness has struck a chord, resonating with many who grapple with similar challenges in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Since sharing her vulnerable post a few days ago, it has garnered hundreds of likes and comments, spreading a message of authenticity and reminding aspiring entrepreneurs that even the most successful individuals face their share of trials and tribulations. 

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