This Chocolate Day, Try These Interesting Flavours That Everyone's Gushing Over

Although we were already familiar with blends of chocolate and coffee, and peppermint chocolates, people have come up with more unique flavours that will definitely blow you away. 

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World Chocolate Day
For the chocolate connoisseurs out there, July 7 is the most auspicious day since it marks World Chocolate Day. Theories about the origin of the celebrations of International Chocolate Day are many and one of them suggests that this celebration marks Europe’s introduction to chocolate.

However, this day is a perfect occasion to indulge yourself in chocolate as much as you like. In the past few years, India has seen a rise in homegrown chocolate brands that provide aficionados with high-quality chocolate and unconventional flavours. Although we were already familiar with blends of chocolate and coffee, and peppermint chocolates, people have come up with more unique flavours that will definitely blow you away.

This chocolate day, step out of your comfort zone and try these unique flavours of chocolate that may become your new favourite.

 Interesting Chocolate Flavours To Try On World Chocolate Day

Chai chocolate

The coffee and chocolate blend has been a crowd favourite. Imagine mixing this favourite desi drink with chocolate. This flavour of chocolate that has all the flavour components of a masala chai , definitely is going to result in the most amazing flavour one may have ever tasted.

Not only does it have the taste of the beverage along with choicest of complementary spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and fennel seeds etc.


Chilli chocolate

Another interesting mix is that of chilli and chocolate. Who would've thought one could get the benefits of chillies like metabolism boost and antioxidants with chocolate's rich flavour and texture. While people have created flavours of chocolates with spicy condiments like Wasabi, adding chillies takes it a notch higher. A lot of homegrown brands are now offering unique flavoured chocolate.

World Chocolate Day Chilli Chocolate Bar

Thandai Chocolate

No Holi celebration is ever complete with this amazing cooler. Milk infused with flavours of peppercorn, almonds, fennel seeds and poppy seeds along with saffron, cardamom and rose water makes it taste refreshing. Having the same refreshing flavour with chocolate is like getting the best of both worlds!

Thandai Chocolate is hands-down one of the best unconventional sweet offerings for any occasion, especially Holi and Shivratri.

Orange Chocolate


While fruits have always made good pairs with chocolate, it wasn't until much later that people discovered the amazing combination of oranges and chocolate. The orange and chocolate cake flavour is definitely a crowd-favourite. Joseph Terry was the first who developed chocolate orange and it eventually caught onto the homegrown brands. The tropical flavour will become a new favourite in no time.

Matcha Chocolate

Matcha or Green Tea is a drink that has gained popularity all over the world with many international brands coming up with their mixes of products with matcha. The Japanese drink has a bittersweet or umami flavour. If not handled well, its flavours can get masked by the richness of cocoa. However, many have perfected the art of creating matcha chocolates which are a rage these days!

Matcha chocolate Matcha chocolate (Pinterest)

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