Woman Create Boyfriend’s Tinder Account, Dumps Her For A Match

Woman Made Tinder Account For Bf
Having a possessive and obsessed partner who is overly jealous and doubtful makes the relationship toxic. But what happens if your partner is not insecure about other people checking you out? As healthy as it sounds, a girl’s non-toxic behaviour cost her relationship.

You might have come across those social media posts about couples checking out people together and found it wholesome or cute. In a world of messed up and toxic relationships with trust issues and jealousy, it is a blessing to have a partner who is not insecure about girls checking you out and trusts you completely. However, in a recent incident on social media, a man left her girlfriend for a woman he met on Tinder, a dating app account made by the girlfriend herself to boost his confidence.

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Woman Made Tinder Account For Bf

A woman shared on Reddit how her boyfriend was under-confident about his appearance and once rated himself as a five out of ten based on his looks. The woman was troubled by his lack of confidence when she can clearly see that her boyfriend was not bad looking. In a bid to boost his confidence, the woman decided to make him a Tinder account to show that girls will find him attractive. She created his profile and in a day he got about a dozen matches.

This clearly lifted his confidence and he even thanked his girlfriend for this. After just a day, she forgot all about the account and continued their relationship like normal until one day when she randomly checked the account, she found that her boyfriend was chatting to girls he matched with on Tinder. It was not just normal conversations they were even planning to meet on a date which pissed her off. She confronted him but he denied after which they broke up.

A week after they broke up, she found that her ex was doing well in his dating life, thanks to the Tinder account she made for him. The story had hilarious responses and showed how even the healthiest and most seemingly harmless moves that aim to encourage someone can turn bad for you.